Masao Adachi – Datai AKA Abortion (1966)

IMDB says:
A gynecologist attempts to rid the world of sexual problems by separating sex on the one hand and reproduction, which he feels should be left to artificial wombs. Read More »

Kiyoshi Kurosawa – Umezu Kazuo: Kyôfu gekijô – Mushi-tachi no ie aka The house of bugs (2005)

lotwise, a young husband appears to be cheating on his wife. He thinks she is having an affair with her cousin. She retreats to a large upstairs room covered in cobwebs and is trying to will herself into becoming an insect, just like the character in Kafka’s Metamorphosis.

House of Bugs is an impressively constructed tale, flashing forwards and backwards in time as well as dodging between different characters’ viewpoints. It’s beautifully acted and slowly builds to a creepy dream-like climax. Read More »

Masao Adachi – Danjiki geinin AKA Artist of Fasting (2016)

Adachi Masao’s long-awaited return from hiatus is an absurdist comedy with political bite. The multilayered hypocrisies of contemporary Japan are slowly unveiled when a wordless man stages an unexplained hunger strike and the people who surround him exploit his silence to further their own cause. Read More »

Sion Sono – Otoko no hanamichi AKA Man’s Flower Road (1986)

A Tokyo student is running full out; we see him in a meadow, at university, then swimming in a river. He reappears in his garden, naked, then at home as he eats with his family, and then as he watches TV. In the school’s sports field as he doodles with some chalk. After a violent quarrel at home with his mother, he starts running through the city again, as he traces his path, sometimes with thread, sometimes with chalk. Read More »

Masao Adachi – Sain aka The Closed Vagina (1963)

Sain (The Closed Vagina) 57min, 16mm

The Nihon University Cinema Club (Nichidai Eiken) was an organization formed in 1957 by Hirano Katsumi, Kanbara Hiroshi, Ko Hiro, and Jonouchi Motoharu. Employing a collective production method that eschewed the name of the author, the group mixed documentary and surrealist tendencies to confront the increasing political tensions
arising in Japan. Sparked by the security treaty with the US (Anpo) the group reformed and Wan (1961) was the first work by the newly formed collective. Read More »

Nagisa Ôshima – Etsuraku AKA Pleasure of the Flesh (1965)

After killing a man that raped one of his students, teacher Wakizaka finds himself embroiled in a plot being blackmailed into looking after a huge amount of cash. With tensions mounting and anxiety setting in, Wakizaka decides to spend the money, knowing the consequences of his actions will be of the most dire kind. Read More »

Shinji Sômai – Tonda kappuru AKA The Terrible Couple (1980)

Aspiring to be admitted to a good university and to become a lawyer, Tasiro Yuusuke, a tenth-grader from Kyushu, enrols in a prestigious high school in Tokyo. Plans are made for him to live in his uncle’s house, part of which is rented out while his uncle is abroad on business. A realtor’s mistakes leaves Tasiro sharing the house with Kei Yamaba, the most beautiful girl in the school, who is also his classmate. There is the risk that their unexpected ‘co-habitation’ will be discovered by the school authorities. While he grows increasingly attracted to her, he is often irritated by her innocent and nonchalant attitude towards their predicament. They each develop other romantic attachments, but end up turning to each other. Read More »