Shin’ya Tsukamoto – Tokage AKA Lizard (2003)

Tokage was commissioned by television network NHK for a series in which the works of famous Japanese authors would be narrated on film, as captured by noteworthy directors. Tsukamoto was asked to direct the short story Lizard, by Banana Yoshimoto.

Lizard concerns a love affair between two healers who are unable to heal their own psychic wounds. The narrator is a counselor for disturbed children. He has fallen in love with a profoundly sad woman nicknamed Lizard who longs for oblivion. Lizard has an uncanny ability to diagnose and treat other people’s illnesses. Read More »

Kon Ichikawa – Nobi AKA Fires on the Plain (1959) (HD)

In the closing days of WWII remnants of the Japanese army in Leyte are abandoned by their command and face certain starvation. Read More »

Takashi Miike – Chûgoku no chôjin aka The Bird People of China (1998)

A salaryman and yakuza are each sent by their bosses to a remote Chinese village but discover more then they expected. Read More »

Nobuhiko Ôbayashi – Kindaichi Kosuke no boken AKA The Adventures of Kosuke Kindaichi (1979)

Obayashi’s take on the famous Kosuke Kindaichi series, made popular partly thanks to the numerous movie-adaptions by Kon Ichikawa, the most well known being The Inugami Family. Read More »

Nobuhiko Ôbayashi – Sada: Gesaku · Abe Sada no shôgai AKA Sada (1998)

Based upon the case of Sada Abe, who on May 17, 1936 killed and emasculated her lover. These events took place during a period of war, economic depression, public unease and growing militarism, a time of unrest and confusion when public opinion was, at best, unpredictable. Sada, condemned by the law, found herself lionized by the press and hailed as a ‘saint’ of love. Because she committed murder out of passion, the purity of her motivation elevated her from the status of criminal to that of popular heroine. Read More »

Kaizô Hayashi – Yume miruyoni nemuritai AKA To Sleep so as to Dream (1986)

An aging silent film actress hires a private eye and his wacky but helpful assistant to track down her missing daughter, Bellflower. The two follow a succession of bizarre, obscure clues, until they track down the location of the kidnappers and the daughter. Read More »

Kazuo Kuroki – Matsuri no junbi AKA Preparation for the Festival (1975)

Tateo is a young man living in a small rural village. He is a credit bank clerk, but his work is tedious. He tends to be interested in sex, but he does not quite fit in with the sexually loose milieu. The only thing he is really interested in is cinema. He dreams of becoming a screenwriter and writes some fragmentary scripts. But he cannot find any good subjects around him. Pretty much everything there is boring to him. One day, Tamami, his neighbour’s daughter, comes back from Osaka, where she worked in a cabaret. And things start slightly changing. Read More »