Jean-Daniel Pollet

Jean-Daniel Pollet – Gala (1961)

A night in a club. The magic of little things happening and ‘dishappening’ with some kind of ironic tenderness Read More »

Jean-Daniel Pollet – Pourvu qu’on ait l’ivresse… AKA As Long as You Get Drunk… (1958)

In a ballroom dance, a shy young man tries to find a young girl to dance with … The clumsiness and ease of the dancers, the hesitations of the flirters, an atmosphere of celebration and derision, filmed with sensitivity, without comment or dialogue. Read More »

Jean-Daniel Pollet – L’ordre (1973)

The most beautiful imprecation I know of : a “dead man” speaking to the living ones, questioning, inverting the notions of health and sanity, life and death.
(Not) strangely enough 12 years before Shoah is finished, some parallels ways are found to give the floor to the dead through the places they lived in, the places that saw them suffering from the “order”. Read More »

Jean-Daniel Pollet – Le maître du temps (English dub) (1970)


An alien has the ability to travel through time, visiting our planet at different times … Read More »