João César Monteiro – Branca de Neve AKA Snow White (2000)


How presumptuous of the prince to have disturbed Snow White in her beauty sleep, to have kissed her and removed her from her glass casket in order to restore her to life, i.e. in order to possess her in the flesh. But Snow White must learn that love and hate are never far apart. She understands. She was just being silly and now all’s well that ends well. She has opted for happiness. But at what price? Continue reading

João César Monteiro – Le Bassin de J.W. AKA The Hips of John Wayne (1997)



The Portuguese auteur João César Monteiro can be his own worst enemy. Leaden, talky stretches wear out even that rare moviegoer who’ll warm to the idea of a two-and-a-half-hour philosophical comedy about God and Lucifer, theater and cinema, dirty old men and fetching young women…. Continue reading