John Lemont – The Frightened City (1961) (DVD)

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The corrupt accountant Waldo Zhernikov (Herbert Lom) wants to consolidate each of London’s six crime organizations into one unstoppable syndicate. He recruits a two-bit racketeer, Harry Foulcher (Alfred Marks), to run the reorganization, so that Zhernikov can remain the powerful, silent brains behind the operation. However, when things go wrong, an all-out mob gang war ignites, with Zhernikov, Foulcher, and Damion (Sean Connery) all fighting for control.

Sean Connery plays one of his early roughneck types in the British gangster picture Frightened City. The story takes place in a rundown section of London, where the citizens are held in the grip of extortionists. After several months of gang warfare, the six major “protection” rings agree to bury the hatchet and combine their efforts under the leadership of a mob boss (Herbert Lom). Continue reading