Joseph Pevney – It Happens Every Thursday (1953)


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One morning in New York City, newspaper reporter Bob MacAvoy finishes his nighttime shift and stumbles into bed just as his very pregnant wife Jane rises. Jane cares for their young son Steve and then, while riding the subway to work, notices an advertisement for a small newspaper in Eden, California. Tired of never seeing her husband and living in their cramped apartment, Jane rushes home and convinces Bob that the paper represents the perfect escape from their city life. Within days, they buy the paper sight unseen and travel to their new home. Although Eden is charming, they are dismayed to find the Archive office a disheveled wreck. Inside, elderly employees Jake Armstrong and Matthew explain that the paper has only a tiny circulation and a broken printing press and so barely makes it out each Thursday. Dejected, the MacAvoys prepare to leave until real estate agent Fred Hawley arrives and informs them that he lied to them about the state of the paper in order to attract a great newspaperman who might bring Eden back to life. Seeing the five advertisements Fred has already procured, Bob happily settles down to work. Continue reading Joseph Pevney – It Happens Every Thursday (1953)

Joseph Pevney – Female on the Beach (1955)



Lynn Markham (Crawford) visits a beach house that once belonged to her dead husband. There, she meets real estate agent Amy Rawlinson (Jan Sterling) and Drummond “Drummy” Hall (Chandler), an attractive beach bum who wanders in and out of the house as though he owned it.

Lynn learns the house was once rented to Eloise Crandall (Judith Evelyn), an older woman whose cause of death (suicide, accident, or murder) remains undetermined. Lynn later discovers “Drummy” is the accomplice of card sharps Osbert and Queenie Sorenson (Cecil Kellaway and Natalie Schafer), and that he heartlessly pursued Crandall in order to set her up for card games with the Sorensons.

Lynn’s physical attraction to Drummy is overpowering and she marries him. Events on their honeymoon lead Lynn to believe he murdered Eloise. It transpires, however, that Amy Rawlinson killed Crandall because she wanted Drummy for herself. Continue reading Joseph Pevney – Female on the Beach (1955)

Joseph Pevney – Istanbul (1957)

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In this adventure, a remake of Singapore (1947), a hero finds a bracelet containing 13 precious gems while visiting Istanbul. He soon finds himself pursued by covetous crooks who want those jewels. He is then deported by the Turkish authorities, but not before he has time to hide the bracelet in a hotel. Five years later, the man returns to seek out the stones. Again he is pursued by both authorities and criminals. He must also contend with the reappearance of his wife whom he thought had burned to death on their wedding night. She lived but suffered amnesia. She then remarried. Nat “King” Cole sings “When I Fall in Love”. Continue reading Joseph Pevney – Istanbul (1957)