Juan Antonio Bardem – Calle Mayor AKA Main Street (1956)



Isabel (Betsy Blair) is a good-natured and sensible spinster who lives in a small town with her widow mother. She is losing all her hopes of getting married and having babies.

A bunch of bored middle-aged friends decides to play a trick on Isabel: Juan (José Suárez), the youngest and most handsome of all them, will pretend to fall in love with her. As Isabel lives the courtship full of hopes and joy, Juan realizes too late the cruelty of the situation; and, still pushed by his buddies, he doesn’t dare tell Isabel the truth.

When the day of the gala dance in the town’s Club comes, Isabel is still living her dream of love. She expects her engagement to be publicy announced from the stage, but Juan, desperate, tries to do anything to shy away from the muddle. Continue reading