Keisuke Kinoshita – Shonenki AKA Boyhood (1951)


When a family has to relocate due to the war, they are ostracized by their new community.

About the director:

  One of Japan’s most popular filmmakers after World War II, Keisuke Kinoshita (1912-1998) was a prolific director, writer, and producer, specializing in sentimental dramas and comedies and the use of innovative, expressionistic sets.

Rarely have any of Kinoshita’s fifty or so films been shown outside of Japan, but in that country he was a well-known director who pioneered the use of color in film and repeatedly touched on domestic themes that resonated with Japanese audiences. Despite his conventional plots and subject matter, Kinoshita was often willing to experiment with avant-garde techniques.

Eventually Acclaimed

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Keisuke Kinoshita – Utae wakado-tachi AKA Sing, Young People (1963)

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A college student receives a surprising offer to be a movie star in this unlikely Kinoshita film, sort of college film by the veteran director including even semi nude scene, but eventually the same themes of dreams versus reality and alienation come to the surface.
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