Fred Kelemen – Krisana AKA Fallen (2005)

posterfallen Fred Kelemen   Krisana AKA Fallen (2005)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Fred Kelemen   Krisana AKA Fallen (2005)

From Time Out London

Slow, portentous, absolutely bloody miserable, the fiercely independent Fred Kelemen’s earlier work was the veritable essence of arthouse gloom, so much so that it often prompted unintentional giggles. After a six-year break, his latest marks a positive shift, packaging his deep-rooted existential angst within a much more involving narrative framework. Shot in lengthy takes in digital black-and-white, matching a sonic backdrop of industrial noise against grimy Riga locations, the presentation is still somewhat self-consciously doom-laden, but this time there’s an effective storyline to draw the viewer into Kelemen’s world.
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pixel Fred Kelemen   Krisana AKA Fallen (2005)