Leonid Kvinikhidze – Drug aka Friend (1987)


IMDB User Review:

very impressive macabre and grotesque drama – or should I say tragedy
17 April 2000 | by FFC (Krasnoyarsk, Russia) –

Even in Russia where alcoholism is a national scourge and – to say so – national art’s topic – there are not many movies that shows with such vividness and strenghth all the hell and total chaos and insanity of the life of a alco-path. You must see this man, his flat which looks like Hell landscape and his doings that are caricature and horrible at the same time – REALLY horrible since that man ends violating moral law… And betrayal of a friend – the only being sympathized him and one sent to save him – plunged this man into “outer darkness where is weeping and gnashing of teeth”. Still the man is not evil in himself – he’s possessed. And in the moments of sobriety his suffering are sharp. One of the best works of splendid Sergei Shakurov. Also the film is notable as animal movie – the spectator is just completely charmed by this second figure in the story – Newfoundland dog called Drug (Friend)… The songs and poetry by Alexander Rosenbaum also worth noting Continue reading