Luciano Emmer

Luciano Emmer – Parole dipinte. Il cinema sull’arte di Luciano Emmer [+Extras] (1946-1966; 2000-2009)

The art film by Luciano Emmer: the camera explores the figurative worlds of Giotto, Bosch, Carpaccio, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Picasso. First edition on DVD of a valuable asset for art history and Italian cinema.
This two-DVD boxset presents, collected for the first time, a wide selection of art films made by Luciano Emmer (1918-2009). Emmer, screenwriter and director, is the author of films that told with delicacy and humor about Italy in the Fifties (Domenica d’agosto, Terza liceo) and one of the inventors of TV commercials; especially personal and meaningful is his work on art documentaries, awarded all over the world. Read More »

Luciano Emmer – Il miracolo di San Gennaro (1948)

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Made on behalf of a Catholic society, it is a short document about anthropological myths and rituals in the city of Naples narrated by Eduardo De Filippo. Long considered lost, it has recently re-emerged in a new light thanks to the restoration of the Cineteca of Bologna. Read More »