Lynne Ramsay – Swimmer (2012)


Swimmer is a poetic journey through the waterways and coastline of the British Isles, following a lone swimmer through lakes, rivers and coves. The journey is framed by a soundtrack of seminal British music, combined with a sound tapestry of hydrophonic recordings and snippets of bankside conversations. The film aims to give a real feel for the diversity of landscape and people of Britain. Continue reading

Lynne Ramsay – Morvern Callar [+Extras] (2002)

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“allmovie” wrote:
By Elbert Ventura

From its nearly silent opening passages to its exhilarating and enigmatic capper, Morvern Callar announces itself as the product of a singular sensibility. A tone poem for the rave generation, Lynne Ramsay’s latest film may be easier to admire than to like, but there’s no denying it establishes her as a filmmaker of tremendous promise. This follow-up to Ramsay’s acclaimed debut, Ratcatcher, is a kaleidoscopic immersion, as unknowable and magnetic as its titular heroine. Played by the superb Samantha Morton, Morvern is a cipher, at once strangely disconnected and thrillingly alive. Following the suicide of her boyfriend, she takes an unorthodox path, appropriating his recently finished novel as her own and using the money he left behind to go on a vacation with her best friend, Lanna (Kathleen McDermott). Morvern’s impulsive wanderings, which ultimately alienate even the free-spirited Lanna, come across less as inexplicable whimsy than as the pure expression of a generation’s existential restlessness. Steeped in cool solipsism, Ramsay’s movie privileges sensation over sense: at its best, it’s a captivating mosaic of color, music, and mood. In its opacity, Morvern Callar may seem to some a willful exercise in audience frustration. Those who surrender to Ramsay’s rough poetry, however, will find the movie a transporting experience.
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