Maren Ade – Toni Erdmann (2016) (HD)


Maren Ade’s third feature (after The Forest For The Trees and Everyone Else) is an exuberant exploration of the dynamics of relationships which mostly sustains its marathon running time. Under scrutiny is the relationship between a laid-back father and his estranged daughter working for a German company in Romania. He feels that corporate life is not making her happy and he decides to turn up on her doorstep in Bucharest… Continue reading

Maren Ade – Alle Anderen AKA Everyone Else (2009)


“I was interested in whether it was possible to tell the inner life of a relationship, the things you can’t express to a third person. When Gitti and Chris come home after the holiday, and someone asks her, “How was it?” she probably wouldn’t be able to tell what happened.” Maren Ade.

Everyone Else is a subtle dissection of the truths and cracks of a relationship – a relationship that, like any other, embodies love as well as power, respect as well as moments of dissolution. Spending the first days of their vacation in Chris’ family home in Sardinia, Chris and Gitti are the ideal couple. They play, make love, talk and make love some more. Continue reading