Mariano Cohn & Gastón Duprat – El Artista aka The Artist (2008)


Jorge (Sergio Pángaro), a 40-year-old man, single, shy and circumspect, works as a nurse in a geriatric house. There, he looks after Romano (Alberto Laiseca), an old man who hardly walks and does not speak, with a special attention.
Jorge regularly keeps paper rolls with drawings. With Polo’s help (Diego Perdomo), a photographer neighbor of his, he makes a folder with these paintings, which together with a brief resume, he presents in a prestigious art gallery. To his surprise, these works are considered of great value and originality, and a few months later a successful exhibition makes this nurse suddenly get into the world of art and he starts to be a well-known artist.
He gives up his job as a nurse and takes Romano to live with him. It is only then when the spectator finds out that it is this last one who makes the drawings. Jorge looks after him with affection; he helps him and buys him all the necessary elements for him to go on drawing.
Gradually, he changes his social condition, his way of dressing and his general appearance, while he transforms his apartment with a more modern and elegant style. Continue reading