Marin Karmitz – Coup pour coup AKA Blow for Blow (1972)


The film describes a strike in a French textile factory, when the striking workers occupy the factory. The title translates as, “Blow for Blow”, as in a fight.

“A movie which must have scared lots of people for, to my knowledge, TV screened it for the first time this very year; in the theaters, its release was secret and anyway it would have certainly failed, since it completely refused the star system (which many so called subversive movies in the Wake of the events of May 68 did not avoid: ‘Tout Va Bien ” by His Majesty Godard starred Yves Montand and Jane Fonda). The final cast and credits do show a collective work: the non-Professional (in the majority) and professional actors are treated on an equal footing with the technicians, the screenwriters and the director . Continue reading

Marin Karmitz – Sept jours ailleurs aka Seven days somewhere else (1969)


A young composer is suffocating in his social and family life. He dreams of leaving and starting his life over somewhere else… Jacques goes on a tour of the provinces with a ballet troupe who dance to his music. They live in hotel rooms, train compartments, and dressing rooms where the excited dancers liven up the atmosphere. The girls, among themselves, describe their problems, experiences and hopes in their crude, colorful language. He falls madly in love with one dancer who is as distraught as he is. Maybe this is a way to find happiness again. But the tour comes to an end… It was just a ‘brief encounter’. At the Gare de Lyon, Michèle, his wife, is waiting for him. Jacques lets Catherine go… Continue reading