Marin Malesevic – Srce je mudrih u kuci zalosti (2009)


“Srce je mudrih u kuci zalosti” aka “The Heart of the Wise Lives in the House of Sorrow”
Official DVD is still not available so I have decided to upload the film to everyone hoe find it interesting. With a budget of 50-60 thousend euros is the most cheapest film in 2009 in Serbia and big part of that budget is used for 35mm film copy. One of the bizarre moment is that the film was entered in Cape Winelands Film Festival in Capetown together with most expensive Serbian film that year “Sveti Georgije Ubiva Azdahu”
Film is very free adaptation of two old testament story, about Jona and Jacob and I have made that film because I was interested to see how that biblical element will adopt in contemporary Serbian society. For me it was partly experimental and lyrical and epic in same time and I think that film is more about some deep maybe irrational emotions for which I was thinking that Serbia could be a fertile ground. Continue reading Marin Malesevic – Srce je mudrih u kuci zalosti (2009)