Márta Mészáros – Szabad lélegzet AKA Riddance (1973)

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Short Synopsis:

Jutka, a young woman who works in a factory, falls in love with Andras, a university student. She pretends to be a student, to him and to his parents, and begins to live a lie. Finally she rebels against Andras and his demands and the social conventions that forced her to live a lie.

NY Times Review, 1976 wrote:
There may no longer be easily recognizable social classes in Communist Hungary, but there remain class distinctions that can be as malignant as any under the old order.

“Riddance,” the 1973 Hungarian film directed by Marta Meszaros, is the rueful account of the love affair of a pretty, spirited young woman who works in a textile factory and a young university student whose parents are grossly more equal than other people. Having just emerged from the working class, his mother and father guard their bourgeois status not tenaciously, but primly, as if it were their bookcase full of fragile, unspeakably awful knickknacks. Continue reading Márta Mészáros – Szabad lélegzet AKA Riddance (1973)