Ozan Aksungur – Misafir (2011)

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A love story between leaving and staying… “The Guest” Oktay, in his first night in his hometown Kutahya, coming from many years in Paris, faces the reasons that kept him away from home for so many years. As he is about to leave town again, he finds himself in a distant relative’s house, and there, he meets Ayse. Ayse is a countryside woman who cannot fit in her small world of four walls she lives in. There are two things that make her life tolerable: his son Ahmet and her affair with her neighbor, Makbule… Until she sees Oktay again, after so many years… Oktay and Ayse, with their affair kept hidden, find the happiness they have been craving after so long. And they can only keep their happiness if Ayse goes to Paris with Oktay. Ayse, with the prospect of being happy for the first time, and amongst all the things she knew as life, now has to make a choice. And Ayse’s decision will also determine the disposition of Oktay… Continue reading Ozan Aksungur – Misafir (2011)