Pablo Trapero – Leonera aka Lion’s Den (2008)

 Pablo Trapero   Leonera aka Lions Den (2008)

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We will never know if the young university student that one day wakes up surrounded by two men covered in blood, one dead, the other wounded, is the perpetrator. Julia is pregnant with the child of one of them. The maternity ward of a women’s prison is the location in which most of the 113 minutes of Leonera’s plot takes place. Shot in Buenos Aires’ prisons, with the participation of true inmates and guards, the film “maintains some of the codes of prison films, although developed in the context of the relationship between Julia, the mother and her son”, explained Trapero in an interview with BBC Mundo. Continue reading

Pablo Trapero – Elefante blanco (2012)

elefanteblancopostergr Pablo Trapero   Elefante blanco (2012)

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The “elefante blanco” (white elephant) in Pablo Trapero’s eponymous film is the phantasmagorical structure of what was to be Latin America’s biggest hospital, construction of which was approved in 1937 and started in 1938. In line with Argentina’s sociopolitical upheaval, the project was never completed and is now home to thousands of outcasts who live among rubble, rats, pollution, illness, crime, deadly drug lords’ feuds.
Trapero’s Elefante blanco, focusing on the painstaking work of two shanty-town priests and a social worker, is a trip through urban hell. Contrary to the barrage of political harangue we are subjected to on a daily basis, Elefante blanco lays out the bare facts: a Third World country playing welfare state but in reality struggling to stay afloat. No other aborted social project could make such a visible, powerful impact as the elefante blanco, palpable proof that not everyone is given the same possibilities to attain social mobility and think ahead to a better future. Continue reading

pixel Pablo Trapero   Elefante blanco (2012)