Peter Watkins – Gladiatorerna aka Peace Game (1969)


Plot Summary :
The year’s Peace Games convene in Sweden, with a specially chosen Allied team set against a Soviet bloc squad composed entirely of Chinese Red Guards. Officers from both sides observe from a viewing room that displays the television feed relayed to the rest of the planet; the commanders can issue orders to their troops and make morale-building statements.

The Allied team’s effort immediately breaks down in nationalist and racist squabbling. Its officer tries to get his men to cooperate, but they show a lack of initiative, losing points and getting snarled up in a ruined factory building. In contrast, the Chinese team fights as an obedient unit. In the control booth, cool-headed technicians bemoan the fact that the ICARUS gaming computer doesn’t seem to be working very well. Continue reading Peter Watkins – Gladiatorerna aka Peace Game (1969)

Ben Hopkins – Pazar – Bir ticaret masali AKA The Market: A Tale of Trade (2008)


Mihram is a small time Turkish black marketeer who gambles and drinks too much. Something that bothers both him and his wife, Elif. He wants to better his life and when he hears about the enormous amount of cell phones being sold, he wants to enter that market. For this, he needs money and when the local doctor asks him to get medicine from Azerbaijan for the sick children, he sets out to get the medicine, aided by his crotchety elderly uncle Fazil. (IMDb) Continue reading Ben Hopkins – Pazar – Bir ticaret masali AKA The Market: A Tale of Trade (2008)

Peter Watkins – La Commune (Paris, 1871) (2000)

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It’s Paris in 1871, and You Are There
At 67, Peter Watkins remains a restless radical, creating films that spectacularly defy narrative conventions, entrenched ideologies and, it must be said, the patience of his viewers.

With a running time of 5 hours 45 minutes, Mr. Watkins’s most recent film, ”La Commune (Paris, 1871),” is far from his longest work, but in many ways it is his most ambitious. (The longest, ”The Journey,” a 1987 survey of the nuclear arms race, was 12 hours.)

Centered on the story of the Paris Commune, the working-class insurgency that briefly ruled the French capital in 1871, Mr. Watkins’s film is at once a provocative account of a neglected episode in social history, a call to arms against the contemporary injustices of capitalism, a critique of the mass media and an experiment in collective filmmaking that recalls the heady days after France’s last mass rebellion in May 1968. ”La Commune” opens today with its New York theatrical premiere at Anthology Film Archives in the East Village. Continue reading Peter Watkins – La Commune (Paris, 1871) (2000)

Peter Watkins – Aftenlandet AKA Evening Land (1977)


Evening Land presents fictitious events in the Europe of those days. It opens in a Copenhagen shipyard with a strike due to the construction of four submarines, potential carriers of nuclear weapons for the French Navy, beside the salary freeze that the deal has entailed, and as an anti-nuclear protest. In parallel with this, a group of radical demonstrators kidnaps the Danish minister of the EC during a summit, as a token of support with the strikers. The Danish police brutally repress the demo and crush the “terrorists”. Evening Land was released to both a hostile left and right wing, and the few film critics who valued it pointed out that it strayed from the style that Watkins had developed in his previous films. Danmarks Radio refused to broadcast it, and Watkins decided it was high time to leave Scandinavia and start what would be a new period of voluntary exile. Continue reading Peter Watkins – Aftenlandet AKA Evening Land (1977)