Pietro Marcello

Pietro Marcello – Martin Eden (2019) (HD)

“Martin Eden” opens with a revelation: “So, the world is stronger than me.” The impetus behind the whispered truth slowly comes into focus as the story unfolds, cynicism and celebrity impounding hope and humility. Amidst the voiceover, the class struggle at the film’s core is depicted through the warped, incinerating lens of archival celluloid footage of the proletariat in early twentieth century Naples, Italy—an odd surprise for anyone expecting scenery of Oakland, California, the original location of Jack London’s 1909 novel of the same name. It’s less of a surprise for anyone familiar with co-writer and director Pietro Marcello, a stellar Italian documentarian who’s made a career out of pointing his camera at the people in his home country. Read More »

Pietro Marcello – La bocca del lupo AKA The Mouth of the Wolf (2009)

There’s magic and mastery aplenty in “The Wolf’s Mouth,” a docu-fiction hybrid that represents a breathtakingly impressive debut from Pietro Marcello. Though running a bare-minimum feature length of 70 minutes (six shorter than the press notes and Berlinale catalog claim), it packs multiple layers and subjects into its densely intricate but enticingly accessible structure. A highly unusual love story between a macho ex-con and a transsexual former drug-addict, it’s also an exploration and celebration of their home city of Genoa, delicately examining the past’s interactions with the present. Read More »

Pietro Marcello – Bella e perduta AKA Lost and Beautiful (2015)

The foolish servant Pulcinella is sent from the depths of Mt. Vesuvius to present-day Campania to honor the last wishes of the poor shepherd Tommaso: his mission is to save a young buffalo called Sarchiapone. Pulcinella finds the animal at the former royal palace of Carditello, where Tommaso had looked after the ruined Bourbon estate in the heart of the Land of Fires. He takes the buffalo off to the north and the two servants, man and beast, travel through a beautiful and lost Italy, but their long journey’s end does not bring what they were hoping for. Read More »