João Pedro Rodrigues – Turdus merula Linnaeus, 1758 (2020)

From 7 to 25 April, 18 days of confinement during which a male blackbird takes care and guarantees the safety of its young, until they release the nest. Read More »

    Gonçalo Tocha – É na Terra não é na Lua (2011)

    Documentary about the ordinary life of an isolated civilization in the middle of the ocean, on Corvo Island.

    Em 2007, um homem-câmara e um homem-som chegam à Ilha do Corvo, a mais pequena dos Açores. Em pleno Atlântico, o Corvo é um rochedo alto, medindo 6km por 4km, com uma cratera de vulcão e uma única vila de 440 pessoas. Gradualmente, a equipa de rodagem é aceite por uma civilização com quase 500 anos de vida mas com poucos registos e memória escrita. Read More »

      Rita Azevedo Gomes – A Portuguesa AKA The Portuguese Woman (2018)

      In Rita Azevedo Gomes’ A PORTUGUESA, war and love are the absolute values that define the conflict between man and woman. The film is an adaptation of a short story by Robert Musil, as filtered through the spirit of Agustina Bessa-Luis, frequent collaborator of Manoel de Oliveira. Clara Riedenstein plays the enigmatic, unnamed, obstinate, and intelligent protagonist – a woman who, after marrying von Ketten, travels to his country and spends eleven years waiting for his return from war. A PORTUGUESA is a film about patience, stoicism, and strategy that puts in crisis the very notion of action. Read More »

        João Canijo – Noite Escura AKA In the Darkness of the Night (2004)

        João Canijo latest movie adapts a Greek tragedy “Ifigénia en Aulis” to a provincial Portuguese family that has to deal with the Russian Mafia after a deal went wrong. In a place where everything is bought and sold even the youngest daughter may have to be offered for prostitution to make up for a deal that went terribly wrong. “Noite Escura” deals with the emotions of a small family that runs a provincial whorehouse, having to sell their youngest in order to survive. Read More »

          Robert Kramer & Philip J. Spinelli – Scenes from the Class Struggle in Portugal (1977)

          Combining newsreel footage, still photographs, interviews, and analytical narration, this documentary focuses on the antifascist, anti-imperialist efforts of labor groups, peasants, and working-class soldiers to liberate Portugal from the control of the government of Antonio de Oliveira Salazar. Read More »

            João Vladimiro – Lacrau (2013) (HD)

            The viper is deaf and the scorpion can’t see, so it is and so shall be, the same way the countryside is peaceful and the city bustling and the human being impossible to satisfy. Lacrau demands the return “to the curve where man got lost” in a journey from the city towards nature. The escape from chaos and emotional void we call progress; matter without spirit, without will. The search for the most ancient sensations and relationships of mankind. The amazement, the fear of the unknown, the loss of basic comforts, loneliness, the meeting with the other, the other animal, the other vegetable.
            A dive looking for a connection with the world. Where beginning and end are the same, but I am not. Read More »

              Pedro Costa – Vitalina Varela (2019)

              When her husband leaves to find work in Portugal, Vitalina is left behind in Cape Verde. Years later, she finally makes the journey to Lisbon, but arrives three days after his funeral. Alone and isolated in her late husband’s home, she is determined to persevere and confront the ghosts of the past.
              Mubi wrote:
              Luminary Pedro Costa’s unique, collaborative style of portraiture reaches a magnificent peak in Vitalina Varela. Amongst haunting chiaroscuro compositions, her real-life stories of love, migration, and deceit take the form of bewitching incantations—and earned her the Best Actress award in Locarno! Read More »