Roy William Neill – Black Moon (1934)


Plot Synopsis

A white woman returns to the native island where she was raised with her young daughter and her husband’s secretary. In her youth, she was indoctrinated into the ways of voodoo and her returns sparks off a new wave of voodoo ritual and human sacrifices.

Review from

In the 1930s and 1940s, it seems like nothing scared white America like being outnumbered by Negroes. An endless stream of African jungle adventure films came out exploiting that fear, as did a number of voodoo tales — Black Moon being one of the earliest. Unlike predecessor White Zombie and successor I Walked with a Zombie, Black Moon details a white woman’s encounter with voodoo without dragging in those precocious living dead. This well-made but obscure flick takes place on the fictional Caribbean isle of San Christopher, the birthplace of said white woman, Juanita Perez Lane (Dorothy Burgess). Continue reading Roy William Neill – Black Moon (1934)