Sammaria Simanjuntak – Cin(T)a (2009)


Cina was a Chinese-Indonesian Christian young man who got his name ‘Cina’ (China, in English) by misunderstanding in his birth registry and is pursuing his dream to get a scholarship in an architecture faculty in Bandung, Indonesia. He was against his father’s plan for him to leave for Singapore where there’s a scholarship offer with 6 years working contract after, so he could be able to get a chance to be in the governments and to become a governor for Tapanuli, a new province of his dream.

In an architecture campus in Bandung, he met Annisa, an Indonesian Muslim actress. Annisa failed for many times in her final project on making a residence in rural area with fitness and health center in it. They met again and became close when Annisa went to a spa for having a reflexiology, and surprised to meet Cina as her therapist. Through that moment, Annisa knew a lot about Cina, about not every Chinese is rich. Continue reading Sammaria Simanjuntak – Cin(T)a (2009)