Felix E. Feist – Donovan’s Brain (1953)

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“A mad Doctor who experiments trying to keep brains from monkeys alive finally achieves this after several attempts. The same day, a fatality from a car crash, a millionaire (Mr Donovan) is brought in and he decides to use this human brain to see if he can do the same. He succeeds, but gradually, the brain takes over his mind and it gets bigger. This leads to murder. ” Continue reading

Sidney Lumet – Fail-Safe (1964)


When a military computer error deploys a squadron of SAC bombers to destroy Moscow, the American President (Fonda) tries to call them back. But their sophisticated fail-safe system prevents him from aborting the attack, so he must convince the Soviets not to retaliate. In desperation, the President offers to sacrifice an American city if his pilots succeed in their deadly mission over Moscow. A four-star techno-thriller that builds tension and suspense with every tick of the nuclear clock.
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Naoyuki Tomomatsu – Karei naru erogami-ke no ichizoku: Shinsô reijô wa denki shitsuji no yume o miru ka AKA Erotibot (2011)

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Plot Synopsis
Tamayo, a lovable girl, is taken care of by a prominent family. However, she is the love child of business tycoon and his lover but lives with him and his arranged wife’s family and granddaughter, Tsukiyo who hates Tamayo. Her crime lord father has arranged 3
android bodyguards to protect her. The first android is handsome & has great skills.
The second has beast-like strength, and the third is less skillful. One day the father gets hospitalized and his will is found. The will says that he is leaving his fortune solely to Tamayo. When Tsukiyo knows this she plots to regain her inheritance. Continue reading

Stanley Kubrick – 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)


A mind-bending sci-fi symphony, Stanley Kubrick’s landmark 1968 epic pushed the limits of narrative and special effects toward a meditation on technology and humanity.

The first movement of the symphony of 2001 is titled “The Dawn of Man.” After being chased away from a water hole by a group of rival apes, a band of apes is forever changed by the arrival of a stone monolith that seems to spark them to conceive of the use of tools.

The second movement takes place millions of years later, in 2001. A similar monolith has been discovered buried on the moon, and the chairman of the equivalent of NASA is sent in to control the situation.

The third movement is eighteen months later, as a manned ship journeys to Jupiter, where the second monolith is sending a radio signal. This ship is controlled by a cutting-edge HAL 9000 computer, which is capable of thought but also of eluding human control. Continue reading

Alexander Doulerain & Sergei Koryagin – Ivan The Idiot aka Ivan-Durak (2002)

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Origin of idea

Ivan the Idiot is one of the most popular personas found in Russian folklore. His story serves as the basic fable of “Ivan the Idiot”: Ivan as hero saves a sleeping beauty from the clutches of evil. However, in this rendition, “Ivan the Idiot” is told in a slightly different style than usual; it’s a cybercomic.

“Ivan the Idiot” embraces a variety of themes and influences. From classical Russian folklore to the cosmogony of Daniel Andreev, one of the most esoteric philosophers of the 20th century, there are traces of “Rambo: First Blood,” Goddard, Sterling and Gibson (the fathers of cyberpunk), popular Russian cartoons of the 1970s, and Russian parallel cinema of the 1990s. The Marx Brothers and Kuleshova also receive a nod in this new Russian avant-garde comedy. Continue reading

Jean Yanne – Les Chinois à Paris AKA Chinese in Paris (1974)



The Maoist Chinese, by some miracle, have occupied Paris (and France) overnight. The patience of these stern, work-oriented and quite puritanical communists is finally completely worn down by the quarrelsome, cynical and decadent French, who cannot cooperate properly even when they are willing… Continue reading

Pavel Arsyonov – Lilovyy Shar AKA The Purple Ball (1987)


Alisa Seleznyova and her father professor Seleznyov are traveling in space. They meet their old friend archaeologist Gromozeka, who’s just discovered a planet all inhabitants of which died. It became known that they discovered a virus of hostility, got infected and killed each other. Gromozeka also discovered that they had left the virus on Earth 26000 years ago, and the virus is about to become loose. The only chance to save the Earth is to travel 26000 years back in time – to the epoch when witches, dragons and magicians lived along with usual people. Continue reading