Srdjan Dragojevic – Lepa sela lepo gore AKA Pretty Village, Pretty Flame (1996)

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The plot, inspired by real life events that took place in the opening stages of the Bosnian War, tells a story about small group of Bosnian Serb soldiers trapped in a tunnel by a Bosnian Muslim force (it is based on an article written by Vanja Bulić). Through flashbacks that describe the pre-war lives of each trapped soldier, the film describes life in former Yugoslavia and tries to give an answer (though, from Serbian point of view) as to why former neighbours and friends “turned on each other”.

The film won accolades for superb direction, excellent acting and brutally realistic portrayal of the war in former Yugoslavia. It was also the first Serbian film to show the Serbian side of the conflict involved in atrocities and ethnic cleansing – the title of the film is an ironic comment on the protagonists’ activities in a Bosnian Muslim village. Continue reading


Aleksandar Manic – Knjiga rekorda Sutke AKA The Shutka Book Of Records [+Extras] (2005)

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Known as the alleged world capital of the gypsy or Romany peoples, Shutka, Macedonia thrives on one goal: to be the champion of everything known to humankind. This “anthropological documentary comedy” looks at how people crave to be the best at what they do: no matter if that is hunting down vampires, collecting obsolete Turkish music on audio tapes, training geese to fight, or exterminating evil Genies. Winner of numerous awards world-wide and in its native country, this film is a wonderful examination of people, their quirks, and the wild and zany world within contemporary Serbia/Montenegro. Highly recommended for both entertainment and anthropological interest. Continue reading

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