Serbia and Montenegro

Zelimir Zilnik – Kenedi se vraca kuci AKA Kenedi Goes Back Home (2003)

The film is about the deportation of Romany people from Germany to Serbia and describes the problems in a country suffering not only from the war period but also strongly discriminates its Romany population. The Romany belong to a refugee population being deported from Germany at the present. These procedures affect even refugees born in Germany who have never been to Serbia before. Read More »

Srdjan Dragojevic – Lepa sela lepo gore AKA Pretty Village, Pretty Flame (1996)



At the Belgrade army hospital, casualties of Bosnian civil war are treated. In the hospital they remember their youth and the war. Two young boys, Halil, a Muslim, and Milan, a Serb, have grown up together near a deserted tunnel linking the Yugoslav cities of Belgrade and Zagreb. They never dare go inside, as they believe an ogre resides there. Twelve years later, during the Bosnian civil war, Milan, who is trapped in the tunnel with his troop, and Halil, find themselves on opposing sides, fatefully heading toward confrontation. Read More »