Serdar Akar – Barda (2007)


A group of teens are having a fun night out at a bar until a gang takes the entire clique hostage. They torture the boys and rape the girls. After that night, nothing is the same anymore and the group has massive difficulties dealing with the situation. This movie is a very realistic expression of the outcomes of social stratification, poverty, and inequality on different parts of the society. In this movie, you are let into the minds of whom many like to refer to as psychopaths and see the world from their eyes. You understand their reasoning, loss of aim and the slow transformation from troubled people to those -after having been made to accept being outsiders- who have lost everything they have and thereof can do anything, regardless of any value and concept associated with humanity such as love, affection, empathy,honor,self-respect. The psychos in the movie hadn’t committed any crime till the story, none was recorded a least. And the crime committed the night of the story was not planned. This alone explains the threshold concept.
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Serdar Akar – Dar alanda kisa paslasmalar AKA Offside (2000)

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Suat, who still lives with his mother, father and sister, works at his father’s store in his spare time after practicing as goalkeeper for Esnaf Spor, an amateur football team. Approaching his 30s, Suat is in love with Nurten, the neighborhood beauty, but she has never responded to any of the many secret letters he has sent to her. The whole neighborhood’s greatest wish is for Esnaf Spor to win the amateur football league championship, which would also give them a shot at becoming a professional club. The opportunity to go professional gets the small-time powers that be into action. Serkan, a player who was hurriedly transferred to Esnaf Spor has his first sexual experience with Aynur, a prostitute of living in a house outside the town. Serkan’s transfer affects the girls of the neighborhood more than the team… ( Continue reading

Serdar Akar – Gemide aka On Board (1998)


Plot ( Stolen from imdb):
The sailors who were duped by woman sellers, want to steal their capitals to retaliate from them. There are four men and one woman in a ruined boat. Four lazy and dissatisfaction sailors. The woman represent lust, delectation and appalling potential enemy. The men know each other but woman is unknown. Four of them know the responsibility of life. The woman is dangerous with her chastity and her depressed wishes and she represent a chick who gets men’s life into trouble. Four men signpost themselves with a breathtaking game, with their decrepitude and modesty, sometimes with their depressed and additive beauty in a closed location. And none of them can not get off without a loss. Continue reading