Short Film

Jan Spata – Respice finem (1967)

Almost half-a-million widows older than 65 years lived in Czechoslovakia in late ’60. Many of them spend the last years of their lives in the countryside. Their men died, children moved on, and they are left alone with their work and daily troubles, solitary with their fate, their beliefs, with memories of momentary happiness and past injustices, with wisdom and humility of age, as well as nature’s simplicity which surrounds them all the time. Read More »

Stewart Main – Twilight of the Gods (1995)

A Maori tribesman named Toa discovers bunch of white soldiers in 18th century uniforms and Maori warriors who have just slaughtered each other. One white soldier is still alive, and Toa wants to finish him off for revenge. He is warned however by a little bird in a tree he calls his “spirit bird” (that would be “Waldvogel” in German, but Toa and the bird only speak Maori). Toa’s spear and a wooden statue go up in flames, the rock he wants to smash the soldier’s head with crumbles to dust. Toa listens to the bird’s warning and nurses the soldier back to health. Both men are completely naked all the time, they fool around, occasionally the soldier shouts English phrases at Toa. Finally the soldier manages to seduce Toa which he had been trying for some time. Then they separate, the soldier discovers the little spirit bird strangled to death in a trap, a premonition for the film’s cruel end. Read More »

Emmanuel Blanchard – La collection AKA The collection (2018)

Paris, 1942. In the middle of the Occupation, Victor Gence, an unscrupulous merchant, buys, at vastly low prices, artworks belonging to Jewish collectors. Informed by a concierge, he manages to enter the apartment of Mr. Klein who apparently has a fabulous collection.

Adapted from The Invisible Collection by Stefan Zweig. Read More »

Rubin Stein – Bailaora AKA The Flamenco dancer (2018)

“A war. A girl. A dream”.

“Bailaora” is the third and last short film in the trilogy “Luz & Oscuridad ” (Light & Dark).
Nominated for Best Fiction Short Film at the Goya Awards 2019 Read More »

Anthony Stern – San Francisco (1968)

Anthony Stern’s San Francisco, could be described as a city film and allied with Jean Vigo’s A Propos de Nice (France, 1930) and Walther Ruttman’s Berlin: die Sinfonie der Großstadt (Berlin: Symphony of a City, Germany, 1927). It could also be described as a film of visible and invisible journeys. It moves between day and night, the city centre and its outskirts, the shops and the counter-culture. The invisible journey travels between the two 1960s psychedelic capitals of the world, San Francisco and London; Stern shot the film in the city of its namesake but returned to edit it in London, firstly at the BFI Production Board’s facilities at Waterloo and then at the Arts Lab at Drury Lane. Read More »

Jean-Luc Godard & Anne-Marie Miéville – L’Enfance de l’Art (1993)

A woman, a child, a man and another child, the noise of bombs falling and of planes passing by, in a urban landscape destroyed by war.
A man dies before he had time to write on the back of La liberté guidant le peuple de Delacroix: that could be the plot, just the enigma consisting of a missing word. A question opened before death, resolved by a child, the shadow and spirit of Gavroche. Read More »

Robert Todd – Shrine (2017)

A shrine made by many in honor and memory of Lucas Wheeler. Read More »