Short Film

Christoffer Boe – Hr. Boe & Co.’s Anxiety (2001)


Christoffer Boe studied at Copenhagen University before being accepted at the Danish Film School’s director’s course in 1997. He has directed three short movies. One of them, Anxiety, received the Prix Découverte de la Critique Française and was screened in Critics’ Week in 2002. Read More »

Stéphane Marti – Allegoria (1979)

“A filmmaker and academic, Stephane Marti has pursued cinema as a visual art form, divorced from the codes of the dominant narrative cinema, since 1976. He is a passionate and militant advocate of Super-8, a filmmaking tool which he has used for 30 years.

His work has been shown in festivals and international presentations and has elicited numerous articles and interviews. His flamboyant, baroque and sensual style focuses principally on the Body and the Sacred. Read More »

Ingmar Bergman – Reklamfilm Bris. Tredimensionellt (1953)


In 1951 there was a conflict in the Swedish film industry. The production companies had declared a ban on filming in protest against the high rate of tax on entertainment. Recently remarried, Ingmar Bergman, found himself with three families to support, and his contract with the Gothenburg City Theatre had expired. In order to earn any income whatsoever that year, he agreed to direct nine commercial for Bris soap on behalf of Swedish Unilever. It seems more than a coincidence that Sweden’s most famous film director should be the one to take the country’s advertising to a higher plane: the Bris films were the most lavishly funded that the country had ever seen. Read More »

Ashvin Kumar – Little Terrorist (2004)


Jamal, a 10-year-old Pakistani Muslim, mistakenly crosses the border between India and Pakistan and finds an unusual ally in a Hindu Brahmin, Bhola. Indian soldiers descend on Bhola’s village searching for the so-called terrorist who crossed over. Bhola’s neice, Rani, insists they can’t let a Muslim into their Hindu home. With Bhola and Rani grappling with the consequences of harboring a Pakistani and their deep-set prejudice against Muslims, Jamal’s only hope is the humanity shared by a people separated by artificial boundaries a long time ago. Read More »

Frans Zwartjes – Visual Training (1969)

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Description: “Visual Training” is a short 1969 experimental film from the Netherlands. The film looks so ahead of its time, with its goth makeup and gritty look. I wonder if Marylin Manson or the band the Misfits have ever seen Visual Training? A man and two topless ladies sit at a table and eat. They grotesquely smear food on one another. The one girl is blindfolded and covered with baking powder by the guy. The screen sometimes turns black, as the camera cuts fast between shots. When the camera zooms in on the actor’s face, it looks as if he’s staring right at the viewer. The one girl’s nude body is used as a canvas for body food art. Frans Zwartjes has a created a rare short film that’s unique for viewers. It’s like a mild version of the “Vienna Aktionists” for the surreal at heart. Read More »

João Salaviza – Rafa (2012)


Rafa a 13 years old kid concerned with his mother, held in a police station for driving without a license.The director shows a day in the life of a teenager who lives on a problematic area and discovers that her mother was arrested because of an automobile accident. Read More »

Andrei Tarkovsky – Ubiytsy (Убийцы) AKA The Killers (1958)


Ernest Hemingway’ wrote a short story called “The Killers”. It has penetrated the interest of readers and filmmakers since it was initially brought to the public. First in film in 1946, by director Robert Siodmak with his adaptation of ‘The Killers’. It was the epitome of the term ‘film noir’. In 1956, then-film student Andrei Tarkovsky brought the world his version in a 19-minute short and then in 1964, Don Siegel (originally on tap to direct the 1946 version) took the reigns for yet another version. Read More »