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Abbas Kiarostami – Dow Rahehal Baraye yek Massaleh AKA Two Solutions for One Problem (1975)


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Author: Simon Huxtable from London, England

Perhaps I am the only person to have seen this film, but seek it out you must. It’s a Kiarostami slapstick (I think), which involves two schoolkids breaking each other’s stuff and getting in a fight because they didn’t cooperate (the second solution is much less entertaining because they both learn to get along). I’m not sure if it’s meant to be funny, though Kiarostami is, I guess, pretty amusing as arthouse directors go, but it’s the ritualised aspect of Iranian society that comes out, unconsciously perhaps, in this film and it’s what gives it a comic turn as one kid tears up the other’s exercise book and the other stares on impassively and breaks the other’s ruler in half. But it’s all in the expressions, man! The deadpan voiceover is pretty cool, too. Overall, as Jonathan Rosenbaum might say, ‘dude, this rocks!’. Read More »

Abbas Kiarostami – Hamsarayan AKA The Chorus (1982)

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A deaf old man wearing a hearing aid is walking in the streets of Rasht. When the surroundings get too noisy, he turns off his sound. Unfortunately, when he returns home, he doesn’t hear his granddaughter, home from school, vainly ringing the doorbell. A chorus of children gathers to penetrate the old man’s silence.

This is one of Abbas Kiarostami’s finest short works. With the minimum of elements and every pound of sensibility and grace he could afford, the Iranian master shot a precious and brief manifest of some things really worth in life. You can see Víctor Erice’s “The spirit of the beehive” (1973) – shot ten year before, and surely well known by Kiarostami -and maybe some curious Raymond Depardon’s children in between the warm frames of this tiny piece that everyone who wants to be a director must see. The metaphor is clear and simple: we need human “touch” to be human. Don’t miss it and if you have the opportunity to see it, please recommend it. ( Author: postcefalu from Spain from IMDB) Read More »

Abbas Kiarostami – Zang-e Tafrih aka The Breaktime (1972)


Description: This short film follows a boy heading home from school after being ejected from class for breaking a window, and Kiarostami’s design background becomes apparent when an early intertitle appears neatly and eccentrically over a wall at the end of a school corridor. Read More »

Krzysztof Kieslowski – Tramwaj aka The Tram (1966)

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A boy shyly watches a girl on a tram. Only when he exits the tram, and its too late, does he realize that he must meet her. Read More »

Krzysztof Kieslowski – Koncert zyczen AKA Concert of Wishes (1967)


A young man and his girlfriend are staying at a camp site near to where a group of other young men are all camped together. The busload of boys leave first but, having packed all their stuff away, the couple pass them on their motorbike – ignoring their catcalls on the way. The couple soon realize that they have dropped their tent somewhere on the road and turn back to look for it – only to find that the busload of boys has stopped and found it first. The boys make a simple proposal – the tent in exchange for the girl. –bob the moo (uk) Read More »

Krzysztof Kieslowski – Zyciorys AKA Curriculum Vitae (1975)


a description by one of IMdB members:
This is such a strange and peculiar film. I had assumed it was a documentary and as such seemed to combine two Kieslowski strains – the meeting and the personal narrative. I kept thinking, as the man who was testifying before a Party Committee which was going to decide whether or not to expel him from the Party. As he tells his story, the curriculum vitae or ‘Life Story’ of the title, I kept thinking this was such a perfect Kieslowski story that he couldn’t have done better if it was scripted.

As it turns out ZYCIORYS was scripted. As far as I’ve been able to discover, the story the man tells was scripted, though based on actual experiences. How precisely or what amount of fictionalizing is involved I do not know. The committee is supposedly real, run by the factory secretary, a man of suspiciously movie star looks. Again, according to the material available, they really got into their task, giving an authentic grilling to the fictional offender. Read More »

Krzysztof Kieslowski – Klaps AKA Slate (1976)


a description by one of IMdB members:
When a director films, or ‘takes’ a shot, each is identified by having a ‘slate’ or ‘clapperboard’ with the information regarding the shot written in – what shot number it is and which take it is. The clapper is used when making a sound take, the visual information of the clapper closing synchronized with the jump on the graphic read out of the sound track. The sound and visuals are recorded on different media and this is necessary to match sound and visuals or else everything would look like a poorly synced cheapo chopsocky epic. When it comes to editing the final film the states are all cut out of the film. Read More »