Short Film

Pavel Klushantsev – Vselennaya aka The Universe (1951)

Plot: Rare documentary film about the space made in the Soviet Union in 1951 year by Pavel Klushantsev. Read More »

Sergei Parajanov – Hakob Hovnatanyan (1967)

Exploring the art of Armenian portraitist Hakob Hovnatanyan, Parajanov revives the culture of Tbilisi of the 19th century. Read More »

Les Blank – Del Mero Corazon (1979)

Using music of the genre, a short look at Tex-Mex music, how it expresses love found and love lost, and how it comes straight from the heart. Read More »

Cecilia Mangini – La Canta delle marane AKA Le Chant des fosses (1961)

A short film between fiction and documentary by long-time director Cecilia Mangini (still alive today) and written by Pier Paolo Pasolini. An unknown masterpiece.

Par une chaude journée d’été, une bande de garçons de la banlieue de Rome jouent et rient dans une des nombreuses rivières qui entourent la ville. La caméra les scrute, les approche, révèle les gestes et les regards, et les enveloppe d’une sorte de danse visuelle, tandis que les mots du commentaire – confié à la sensibilité poétique de Pier Paolo Pasolini – racontent les histoires, les désirs, les rêves, l’avenir Read More »

Aleksandr Petrov – Moya Lyubov aka My Love (2006)

Moya lyubov (My Love) is the latest breathtaking animation by Aleksandr Petrov, using his conventional technique of paint-on-glass, a very painstaking and time consuming technique (Moya Lyubov took 5 years to make) but also a very rewarding one, always a visual treat. Based on “A Love Story” (1927) by Ivan Shmelyov, it tells the story of Anton, a sixteen year old high-school student, high on romanticism and heroism, searching for his beloved, to whom he’ll give his first feelings. Read More »

Amit Dutta – Drawn From Dreams (2019)

An eighteenth century notebook from the Western Himalayan Hills has recorded in it dreams as omens. Scenes from the waking memory of the artist seem to have enlivened dreams from a bygone era.

Coming from the family ateliers of the master painter Nainsukh of Guler, this journal of dreams is interesting not only for its ethnographical documentation but also for the excellent artistic qualities of the illustrations, underlined delightfully with sound and rhythm by the director Amit Dutta. Read More »

Claude Miller – La question ordinaire (1969)

Chains, a hook, white walls. A young woman came to film a man who is tortured … A relentless indictment. Read More »