Raymond Depardon & Claudine Nougaret – Au bonheur des maths (2011)

This film is based on the simplest staging principle: 9 high-level mathematicians have each less than 4 minutes to tell, in front of the camera, what fascinates or moves them, brings them joy, makes them dream or laugh in their scientific activities.

The film was shot for the purpose of the exhibition “Mathématiques, un dépaysement soudain” (Maths: a sudden change of scenery), which took place from October 2011 to March 2012 at the Cartier Foundation in Paris. Continue reading

Jean Epstein – Les berceaux (1931)


Here is the text for the poem by Sully Prudhomme that the song is based on:

Le long du Quai, les grands vaisseaux,
Que la houle incline en silence,
Ne prennent pas garde aux berceaux,
Que la main des femmes balance.

Mais viendra le jour des adieux,
Car il faut que les femmes pleurent,
Et que les hommes curieux
Tentent les horizons qui leurrent!
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Robert Frank – Last Supper (1992)


‘Exterminating Angel’

‘Parts of Last Supper resemble an educational film with directions for its use. It deals with the impossibility of depicting something. Is it about the impossibility of depicting something? What is real? What is staged? What can be staged by coincidence? And which reality does a video camera record?
‘Guests arrive at a vacant lot in New York, which is surrounded by rundown apartment buildings. The host is a writer, and he intends to celebrate the publication of his latest book with his friends and acquaintances. A buffet has been laid out. Waiting for the writer. Waiting for Godot. He fails to show up. This level of the film is constructed in the same way as a theatrical work. The dialogues seem holographic: almost every quotable phrase reflects the meaning of the entire statement. Continue reading

Hy Hirsh – Gyromorphosis (1954)


The inherent kinetic qualities are brought into actuality in GYROMORPHOSIS, as seen in the construction-sculpture of Constant Nieuwenhuys of Amsterdam. To realize this aim I have put into motion, one by one, pieces of this sculpture and, with color lighting, filmed them in various detail, overlaying the images on the film as they appear and disappear. In this way I have hoped to produce sensations of acceleration and suspension which are suggested to me by the sculpture itself. – Hy Hirsh Continue reading

Cristian Nemescu – Poveste la scara ‘C’ aka C Block Story (2003)


Another romanian short student film on 35mm. Won several international prizes.

A lovely piece of film-making from Romania!, 18 March 2004
Author: michaelwalters56 from New York, U.S.A.

I saw this film at the NYU International Film Festival in New York and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! The story focuses on the lack of communication between a working-class family that live on C block and combines gritty drama with terrific unclichéd comedy. The story is so clever and entertaining and by the end it resolves itself with such charm. It is full of subtle messages about life, family, communication and relationships. Great acting from the three main actors and a wonderful sense of pacing from the director. This really is a lovely piece of film-making from Romania and well deserving of it’s award at the festival. Continue reading