Short Film

Kazimierz Karabasz – Muzykanci aka The Musicians (1960)

A short documentary about a group of musicions on a factory. This is one of the most famous polish short documentarys and one of Karabasz student; Krzysztof Kieslowskis favorite movies. Read More »

Henrikas Sablevicius – Musu vasara (1963)

A children’s short film about the summer adventures of a schoolboy and his dog. The protagonist of the film seeks to get on TV to demonstrate the “extraordinary talent” of his four-legged friend … The game story is illustrated with the documentary shots of the summer holiday of the Lithuanian pioneers of the early 60’s. The information: “Our summer” is the first Lithuanian children’s television film, as well as the first work of the Lithuanian SSR television, specially shot for the “Intervision” system – an international television network, which included some socialist countries and republics of the USSR, and Finland. Read More »

Enrique Colina – El rey de la selva AKA King of the Jungle (1990)

Made as Cuba was entering the economic crisis of the early 90s, King of the Jungle demonstrates Colina’s talent at capturing the sentiments of a particular moment. We observe life along Havana’s Prado street through the eyes of the lion sculpture located there. Read More »

Gaspar Noé – Short Plays: Shoot (2014)

Young people playing and dribbling with a ball, as seen from the ball’s point of view Read More »

Tomás Gutiérrez Alea – El arte del tabaco AKA The Art of Cigars (1974)

This early work of master filmmaker Tomas Gutierrez Alea, captures the beauty of making cigars. Images of hands selecting tobacco leaves and rolling cigars are interspersed with graphic designs from cigar boxes and labels. Read More »

Leighton Pierce – Deck (2018)

Deck brings emphasis to the bodily experience of temporality. The principle of harmonized rhythm underpins all of Pierce’s work from the shooting (live animation) performance, to its editing and sound design, and finally in situating its reception. In all of his video and sound art, repetition and rhythm manifest the echoes and arcs of our irregular and subjective conjectures of time. Read More »

Enrique Colina – Estética AKA Aesthetics (1984)

Aesthetics provides a humorous glimpse into Cubans’ sense of style. Enrique Colina reveals the desire for expressing individuality through diverse conceptions of beauty in everyday life whether in the form of a hood ornament, a display window, or a star-studded tooth. Read More »