Shu Lea Cheang – I.K.U. (2000)


“I.K.U. is a Japanese Sci-Fi Porn Feature that explores the latest in digital film technology. When arriving at orgasm the Japanese call out IKU, IKU. IKU means coming in Japanese. IKU is orgasm. The plot: The development of I.K.U. system that the GENOM Corporation has been planning to offer for sale reaches its final stage. An innovative information technology enabled the development of the system. It will allow people to attain orgasm without having to come in contact with each other’s genitals, since the people will be able to receive the I.K.U. data directly to the brain by accessing to the I.K.U. server. To complete the I.K.U. system, it is necessary to collect the orgasm data of every kind of person. To accomplish this, the GENOM Corporation sends out to New Tokyo seven sexy cyborgs called “Reiko”, who can transform their appearances depending on their target person’s desires. I.K.U. then is the story of IKU Coder, Reiko, and their mission to sell sex and collect orgasm data through sex with human beings.” Continue reading Shu Lea Cheang – I.K.U. (2000)