South Korea

Hyeong-Joon Kim – Yongseoneun Eupda aka No Mercy (2010)


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Forensic pathologist Kang is assigned to examine the dismembered corpse of a female murder victim. Detective Min points to a fanatic environmentalist, Lee Sung-ho, as the primary suspect. But when Kang’s daughter is kidnapped, a manipulative game begins between Kang and Lee, who holds secrets about the homicide case. Read More »

Sang-soo Hong – Nugu-ui ttal-do anin Haewon AKA Nobody’s Daughter Haewon (2013)


Is she tired of life or love? Why else is Haewon falling asleep in a restaurant? Haewon, a student, feels abandoned. Her mother is about to emigrate to Canada and Haewon has decided to end her affair with one of her professors because he is so unsupportive. Not only do Haewon’s fellow students get wind of the affair, but her married paramour refuses to accept that their relationship is over. Confused, Haewon withdraws into her shell. Other men cross her path which eventually leads her to an old fortress in the mountains above Seoul. There she finds not only rice wine and a familiar melody, but also a bold escape route.

In his previous films, Hong Sangsoo explored love’s unfathomable paths and the impossibility of relationships from the point of view of his male heroes. Now he changes perspective. However, the emotional world of his protagonists is no less puzzling and fickle – just like Haewon herself, a young woman who likes to dream. And perhaps this film is simply one of these dreams, from which she will awake to find herself in the strangest of places. For who can say how unreal our waking life is, or how real our dreams?
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Hyuk Byun – Interview (2000)


Interview follows a film crew while they sort through interviews to make a movie, which may or may not be a documentary, about destined love. In the process, the director within this film, Eun-suk (Lee Jung-jae) seems to be destined to fall in love with one of the interviewees, Young-hee (Shim Eun-ha). We learn through a purposely disjointed narrative that this may not have been when Eun-suk met Young-hee for the first time. Added to this temporal disorientation is further doubt in the events unfolding since Young-hee is as unreliable in her interview as Eun-suk is silent about his past. Read More »

Norbert Weber – Im Lande der Morgenstille AKA In the Land of Morning Calm (1925)

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This film was originally shot by Father Norbert Weber (1870-1956), head of the Missionary Benedictines, during his second visit to Korea in 1925 on some 15,000 meters of raw film. Fr. Weber was abbot of the archabbey of St. Ottilien in Germany and made the film in order to show the country, its culture, and the order’s activities to people back in Germany. It was first screened there in 1927.. Read More »

Ki-duk Kim – Pieta (2012)


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Hired by moneylenders, a man lives as a loan shark brutally threatening people for pay back their debts. This man, without any family and therefore with nothing to lose, continues his merciless way of life regardless of all the pain he has caused to a countless number of people. One day, a woman appears in front of him claiming to be his mother. He coldly rejects her at first, but gradually accepts her in his life. He decides to quit his cruel job and to live a decent life. Then suddenly the mother is kidnapped. Assuming that it would be by someone he has hurt in the past, he starts to track down all the people he has harassed. The man finally finds the one, only to discover horrifying and dark secrets that were better left unrevealed. Read More »

Sang-soo Hong – Da-reun na-ra-e-suh AKA In Another Country (2012)


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In Another Country is an airy comic romance by the Korean director Hong Sangsoo which begins in a hotel in Mohang, a quiet Korean seaside town. A young film student called Wonju (Jung Yumi) idly jots down script ideas in her room. As she writes, we see three, or perhaps four, distinct stories playing out, all made up of common characters and motifs that emerge from Wonju’s scribblings. Read More »

Woo-Seong Lim – Chaesikjuuija AKA Vegetarian (2009)



A young housewife, finds herself having strange dreams that make her disgusted by meat, leading to trouble with her meat-loving husband and attention from her artist brother in law. Read More »