Fernando Franco – La herida aka Wounded (2013)

 Fernando Franco   La herida aka Wounded (2013)

thgc Fernando Franco   La herida aka Wounded (2013)

Ana is an ambulance driver. Though good at her job, she has problems relating in her personal life. She doesn’t know it, but she suffers from a condition known by psychiatrists as Borderline Personality Disorder. The situation pushes her to outbreaks of self-destructive behaviour, alcohol abuse and self-harm. Ana is incapable of getting what she wants most: to be happy. ~ cineuropa

Ana is 28. She feels useful and satisfied in her routine work helping others. Nevertheless, outside of her working day, Ana has serious problems relating to people. She is socially awkward and even aggressive towards those people closest to her and whom she loves. Ana can’t control this behaviour or her emotions, so she suffers constantly and feels tormented and guilty. Really she would just like to feel at ease with herself and with others, to be happy. But her self-destructive, self-harming behaviour only isolates her more and more. Ana is unaware that she suffers from what psychiatrists call Borderline Personality Disorder. ~ golem.es
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Myriam Mézières & Alain Tanner – Fleurs de sang AKA Flowers of Blood (2002)

cvetykroviml4 Myriam Mézières & Alain Tanner – Fleurs de sang AKA Flowers of Blood (2002)

thgc Myriam Mézières & Alain Tanner – Fleurs de sang AKA Flowers of Blood (2002)

Again, it is a portrait of a woman and it gives us another glimpse of an exceptional figure. Mézières comes across as an outstanding actress, offering her body and her sufferings with a rare and profoundly moving abandon. Although the action of the film unfolds over five years, charting the development of a painful relationship between a mother and her daughter, the basic principle is to draw it all together rather than follow a psychological chronology. The relationship is apprehended as a single entity: the cracks are evident, but there is not too much emphasis on the process of disintegration. The story divides into two distinct time periods, first with mother and daughter together in the same bohemian setting, then separated by society, each facing her own choices and wanderings. However, the purpose of this time division is not so much to answer the predictable question “What will become of them?” in preparation of a pointless debate on “How can a girl live without her mother?” (and vice versa), as to show the metamorphosis of a single body, a dual mother-daughter identity, which is treated in the film less as a social couple going through ups and downs than as a single female figure with two faces. The beauty of the film lies in this constant blending of the two personalities, an on-going role-play in mother/daughter boundaries resulting in a disturbing tension between incestuous bond and transfer of identity. Continue reading

Manuel Martín Cuenca – Caníbal aka Cannibal (2013)

 Manuel Martín Cuenca   Caníbal aka Cannibal (2013)

thgc Manuel Martín Cuenca   Caníbal aka Cannibal (2013)


In the sleepy Spanish town of Granada, a mild-mannered tailor and secret cannibal unexpectedly finds himself falling in love with his latest prospective victim, in director Manuel Martín Cuenca’s disturbing yet intoxicating tale of bizarre romance. Carlos (Antonio de la Torre) works as a tailor in Granada, one of Spain’s sleepy southern cities where time seems to have stopped — and where things that lurk in the shadows can remain unnoticed. Carlos lives alone and rarely interacts with anyone beyond his clients. No one would imagine that this shy and respectable tradesman is actually a murderer and a cannibal, remorselessly targeting Eastern European women who have no papers and filling his freezer with their flesh. Then the truly unexpected occurs: Nina (Olimpia Melinte), the Romanian twin sister of one of his victims, appears at his front door, and love slowly creeps in. Continue reading

Marco Berger & Marcelo Mónaco – Tensión sexual, Volumen 2: Violetas (2013)

IlxhjJR Marco Berger & Marcelo Mónaco   Tensión sexual, Volumen 2: Violetas (2013)

thgc Marco Berger & Marcelo Mónaco   Tensión sexual, Volumen 2: Violetas (2013)

Exploring the art of seduction between two women, through six very different, incredibly sexy stories, SEXUAL TENSION: VIOLETAS is an assured lesbian classic in the making. Two guests of a hostel become roommates (and more); a keen shop assistant helps a woman uncertain about what dress to buy; great passion starts to develop between girls during a picnic, a few women get a little carried away whilst discussing films at a restaurant, and two high-class escorts discover that they are attracted to each other when they are in bed with a client. Never less than exciting and passionate, SEXUAL TENSION: VIOLETAS offers up six unforgettable stories of lesbian attraction. Continue reading

Paco R. Baños – Ali (2012)

 Paco R. Baños   Ali (2012)

logoimdbb Paco R. Baños   Ali (2012)

In a role reversal that is challenging for any young adult, Ali has become a caretaker to her mother’s delicate mental health. While her mother’s mood alternates between boyfriend-induced happiness to solitary depression, Ali is left to rebelliously carve her own place in the world. Scarred by the past, she chainsmokes, refuses to learn to drive, and is terrified of falling in love. Ali spends her days working in a supermarket and the rest of her time off on misadventures with her friend. But when she meets Julio, her tough veneer starts to crack and she may have to amend her strict rules of non-engagement. Nadia de Santiago gives a star-making performance as Ali, a multi-layered young woman who has been forced to grow up too quick yet is holding on desperately to her youth. The world that writer-director Paco R. Baños has designed for her is delightfully quirky, giving her a true sense of charisma that affords her buoyancy to float above her challenging situation. Baños’ debut feature is an assured debut that breathes life into the coming-of-age genre, stylistically painting in lush primary colors but finding the more complicated colors mixing beneath the surface. Continue reading

pixel Paco R. Baños   Ali (2012)