Jaume Balagueró – Alicia (1994)

Balagueró’s third short.
“Alicia” is the metaphor of a woman losing her innocence. It won the Sitges (Catalonian International Film Festival) award for best short. Read More »

Woody Allen – Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) (HD)

Two girlfriends on a summer holiday in Spain become enamored with the same painter, unaware that his ex-wife, with whom he has a tempestuous relationship, is about to re-enter the picture. Read More »

Jacinto Esteva & Joaquim Jordà – Dante no es únicamente severo (1967)

IMDB wrote:
The impossible relationship between a man and a woman, but also the destruction of aesthetics. The girl wants to seduce her beloved with incoherent stories that he does not care at all. Through this relationship, the film projects the idea according to which it is impossible to tell a story. The project does not pursue the coherence of a well-told story, rather it demands to observe what is shown and to deepen the different facets of the characters. Its purpose is to lay the foundations of a certain pop aesthetic in a Spanish way, in which the images can not refer to the world but to the publicity that the world sells to us. Read More »

Manuel Toledano – Shampoo Horns (1998)

Sensationalistic group portrait of New York City ”club kids,” makes you long for those good old days when Andy Warhol’s self-appointed superstars brought a certain humor and bohemian sense of style to his semi-improvised films. Read More »

Patricio Guzmán – La cruz del Sur AKA The Southern Cross (1992)

This overview of popular religiosity in Latin America journeys from pre-Colombian myths to liberation theology. “A sure synthesis of fiction and documentary. It’s a voice of voices: a space for an encounter of American diversity, which helps us to recognize ourselves as fingers on the same hand.” Read More »

Juan Antonio Bardem – La corrupción de Chris Miller AKA The Corruption of Chris Miller (1973)


In a mansion out in the middle of the country, Ruth lives with her strange stepdaughter Chris. They have a somewhat unusual, codependent relationship, and are waiting for the return of Chris’s father, who abruptly abandoned them some time ago. Chris has additional problems – she was raped while in the shower at school and has violent flashbacks whenever it rains, during which she blacks out and stabs anything in front of her. A handsome drifter comes to stay with them and at first seduces Ruth, but then begins to fall for Chris. Meanwhile, a killer is roaming the countryside and slaughters a retired dancer and an entire family. Could the drifter be responsible? Read More »

Fernando Colomo – Al sur de Granada AKA South from Granada (2003)

Around 1920, the young, upper-class Brenan (newcomer Matthew Goode) staggers, exhausted, into a mountain village in southern Spain, having left England to live and to write abroad. He brings with him only a rucksack and some faulty Spanish — though his collection of 2,000 books follows him soon on muleback. After buying a house and hiring a servant, Maria (Consuelo Trujillo), Brenan quickly becomes an integral part of the town’s society. Read More »