Stefan Jarl – Det Sociala Arvet AKA The Social Contract (1993)

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Almost 15 years has passed between “A Decent Life” and “The Social Contract”, the third
and final part of Stefan Jarls mods trilogy. Stoffe has been dead for many years and his
son is almost grown up. Kenta is trying to put the past behind him and start over with his
Eva. But with all the memories and aftereffects of a hard and ruthless living it’s not the
easiest thing to do.

But it’s not easy for the children of the “mods” either, the real subjects of this movie. How
has their parents way of living, and dying, affected them, and their lives? How do they
manage not to follow in their parents footsteps? And what relationship do they have with
their parents today? Continue reading

Stefan Jarl – Ett Anständigt Liv aka A Decent Life (1979)


Description: IMDB – This anti-drug film is the second in the “Mods trilogy” the first is “They call us Mods”.It´s the same persons as in the first film: The very young people has now grown up but now they take drugs and many of them dies.Kenta and Stoffe(they meet one time in the film and plays bowling) is no longer best friends.Stoffe dies in this film because of drugs.The last film in the trilogy is about Kenta´s and Stoffe´s children. Continue reading

Stefan Jarl – Dom kallar oss mods AKA They Call Us Misfits (1968)


Description: They Call Us Misfits follows a group of teenagers as they become recipients, then victims, of Sweden’s welfare-state economy. The group eschews traditional social values, engaging in selling drugs and smugly criticizing those who adhere to a schedule and a steady job. This documentary-style film interviews young people who feel disenfranchised and out of place in the world but show little if any ambition to improve their station in life. They willingly speak of their future hopes, providing they have any, and their childhood experiences which led to their present situation and philosophical beliefs. Continue reading