Stole Popov – Avstralija, Avstralija AKA Australia, Australia (1976)


Movie from 1976, in duration of 82 minutes.
The movie is created in widescreen technique, with sound, in color and 35mm.
Vardar film – Skopje
The film reflects the life of the Macedonian emigrants and migrant workers in Australia. With their going away in far away countries and living abroad, some of them have succeed in socializing, but there are still some of them who always remain with the dilemma of returning in their native country. Through their personal retellings and the metaphor description of their whole way of living in the new surroundings, expressed in a mosaical cinemathographic way, one could get known with the hard work of the Macedonian emigrants; also, the education of their children, as well as the holly celebrations in the church, such as the baptizing, the weddings, but even the funerals either, as unavoidable part of human living. Continue reading Stole Popov – Avstralija, Avstralija AKA Australia, Australia (1976)

Stole Popov – Tetoviranje (1991)

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Movie “Tetoviranje” from 1991, directed by Stole Popov.
The story takes place in the socialist Republic of Macedonia as a part of Yugoslavia, during the time of the disappearing of the communism — the last great human conspiracy towards God. The film speaks about the uselessness in its functioning of the absurdity of its repression and violence, as regret the only unavoidable constants of the Yugo-faith. The action in “Tattoo” develops starting from an absurd situation when the main character Ilija, who as if he has been predestined to be in conflict with the official forces which “preserve” order, after a quarrel with his wife, leaves home with the only thing he really possesses, his empty suitcase. Trying to find some peace, he goes to the railway station where he seems suspicious to a couple of policemen who — for reasons known only for them — arrest him. Continue reading Stole Popov – Tetoviranje (1991)