Sulev Keedus – Georgica (1998)


Plot Synopsis
Jakub Luukas, who had gone to Africa as a christian missionary shortly after World War II, returns to the small Estonian island where he was born more than 70 years ago. Since it is now being used as a testing-ground for bombs, it is completely deserted. With a horse and three beehives, Jakub lives here in complete isolation, dreaming of translating Vergil’s pastorale “Georgica” into Swahili. His life changes when a young, mute boy comes onto the island: even though they both live in completely different internal worlds;

The film continuously shows us Jakubs memories of Africa and the boy’s longing for his mother. They form an intense human bond, full of poetry and mutual respect. As a theme for his film, the director names the new inspirations his country needs to find its own identity after the fall of the Soviet empire. Continue reading Sulev Keedus – Georgica (1998)