Susanne Bier – Elsker dig for evigt AKA Open Hearts (2002)


Cecilie is devastated when her fiance Joachim is seriously injured in a car accident and is paralysed from the waist down. She begins an affair with Niels, a doctor at the hospital where Joachim is being treated. Their relationship is further complicated by the fact that the doctor’s wife Marie was the driver that caused the accident in the first place. Continue reading Susanne Bier – Elsker dig for evigt AKA Open Hearts (2002)

Susanne Bier – Pensionat Oskar (1995)



The Runeberg family is an ordinary middle class family, with a house in a suburb, a car and three children. By vacationing in a rented house by the sea, the hope is that the tension and anxiety between Rune and Gunnel will disappear. However, instead of spending time with his family, Rune finds himself attracted to a young man, Petrus. Whatever happens next, Rune realizes, it will be like it never was before. Continue reading Susanne Bier – Pensionat Oskar (1995)