Teuvo Tulio

Teuvo Tulio – Sellaisena kuin sinä minut halusit AKA The Way You Wanted Me (1944)


Latvian-born Teuvo Tulio came to Finland as a young boy, and started his film career as a teenager acting in movies directed by his friend Valentin Vaala. His oriental looks (there was at least Turkish blood in him) and romantic roles gained him fame and the nickname of Finland’s Valentino. At the onset of adulthood Vaala’s and Tulio’s roads would part with Vaala eventually becoming the most prominent director inside Finland’s studio system (mini-Hollywood) and Tulio becoming perhaps the most esteemed independent director-producer of the nation. Read More »

Teuvo Tulio – Sensuela (1973)



The Finnish camp classic of all time!

“Sensuela – woman hot as hell, wet as a swamp, she will suck the men inside her!”

Not many films have the dubious honor of ranking as some of the campiest Finnish movies ever made. Teuvo Tulio (1912-2000) started to film Sensuela already in 1964, but interrupted it largely due to the financial reasons. The movie was shot entirely with an old equipment from the 1940’s, which explains the dreamy look of the shots and finely detailed color stock. Most of the scenes were shot during 1967-1968, and some of the retakes and extra scenes were still filmed after the premiere. Meanwhile one of the leading actors Ossi Elstelä died in 1969 and his lines were dubbed by Uolevi Vahteristo. Read More »