The Films of May ’68

Diane Kurys – Cocktail Molotov (1980)

Synopsis by Sandra Brennan
This youthful drama centers on a group of teens struggling to become adults without losing their youthful aspirations. It begins as Caron leaves the pressure of her home life for Venice in hopes of finding spontaneity and fun. She is followed by her boyfriend Lebas and his friend Cluzet. Lebas hopes that he will convince her to go home. Trouble begins after his car and her stuff are stolen in Italy. When they learn that workers and students have been rioting in Paris, they quickly return, eager to join the fray. Read More »

Christine Pascal – Zanzibar (1989)

A French drama around cinema centered around the cinema, love and sexual passion and how it may be translated to film. Read More »

Pierre Clémenti – Visa de censure n°X AKA Certificate No. X (1967)

Shot in 1967 but not released until 1975, actor Pierre Clémenti’s acid-infused experimental whirlwind of color and music featuring a who’s who of the French 60s underground. Read More »

Claude Faraldo – Themroc (1973)

Plot summary:
From Channel 4 Film:
Factory worker Piccoli gets into trouble when he’s caught watching his boss shag a secretary. It’s the final straw. Oppressed by the system, hounded by his mother (Herviale) and bored witless by his menial job, Piccoli cracks. He goes home, takes a sledgehammer to his possessions, turns his room into a cave and starts grunting like a horny Neanderthal before making a move on his sister, Romand. Read More »

Maurice Lemaître – Toujours à l’avant-garde de l’avant-garde, jusqu’au paradis et au delà aka Ever the Avant-Garde of the Avant-Garde till Heaven and After (1970)

Ce film est une oeuvre supertemporelle. Le support des participations du public est constitué par une image, qui a varié plusieurs fois au cours des diverses projections. Une projection de Maurice Lemaître, lui-même, dans la bande sonore, éclaire le fonctionnement de la séance, pour se terminer sur un défi lancé à la salle. Read More »

Maurice Lemaître – Films D’Amour (1968 – 1989)

Re-Voir VHS transfer includes several found-footage movies from the famed lettrist:

L’Amour réinventé, 1979, 15 min.
Des scènes d’amour très réalistes avec force détails et gros plans, 1978, 15 min 30.
L’Amour, qu’est-ce ?, 1976-1989, 24 min.
Chantal D., Star, 1968, 26 min. Read More »

Maurice Lemaître – Le Film est déjà commencé? (1951)

Maurice Lemaître was born in paris in 1926 and joined the lettriste movement in 1950. Arthur, polemic and painter. Lemaître is amongst one of the most important and creative artists of the second half of the 20th century. His cinematic work has led to a fundamental questioning of the relationship between film and spectator, image and sound, art and criticism, cinema and other types of images. His art is characterized by its inventiveness, it’s joy of creating, and a radical and loud critique allowing for Lettrism to flourish as an avant-garde movement. Read More »