Tinto Brass – L’Uomo Che Guarda AKA The Voyeur (1994)

 Tinto Brass   LUomo Che Guarda AKA The Voyeur (1994)

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Description: “When his wife Silvia (Polish model Katarina Vasilissa) leaves him, Dodo (Francesco Casale), a professor of French literature, finds himself alienated from those around him; becoming a passive viewer of life lead to the fullest by those around him including his bedridden father (Brass regular Franco Branciaroli) who has a scantily-clad nurse to attend to him. Dodo’s agonizing over his wife’s contempt for him and the identify of the mysterious lover who has usurped him is countered with lighter vignettes (mostly lighter, though one moment has one of Brass’ starlets showing her infibulation scars which feels exploitative though we must commend the actress for not feeling ashamed considering how psychologically and physically damaging this cultural practice can be) in which Dodo winds up the voyeur instead of a participant which insure a positive reaction from Dodo to his wife’s faithlessness in the Brass tradition. Continue reading

Tinto Brass – La chiave aka The key (1983)

tnxc Tinto Brass   La chiave aka The key (1983)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Tinto Brass   La chiave aka The key (1983)

Director Tinto Brass is a man of big passions. His films — excluding Caligula (1980), which doesn’t really fit into his overall body of work — are filled with curvaceous women who are uninhibited and bold enough to freely express their healthy appetites for sex. Brass’ camera lovingly (and intrusively) explores the many facets of a woman’s beauty, be it physical or psychological. Brass also isn’t shy about what he likes most about a woman’s body, either — her ample backside. The bigger the better.
Although Brass would probably chuckle at the idea that his films have a strong feminist slant, Brass’ female leads are strong, independent, and almost heroic in their quests to become emancipated from their roles as housewives, concubines, or mothers. Less cartoonish than his American counterpart Russ Meyer’s heroines, Brass’ ladies actually exude a real humanity with their sensuality.
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Tinto Brass – Snack Bar Budapest (1988)

cmv6uivif5jwiuim Tinto Brass   Snack Bar Budapest (1988)

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A disbarred lawyer, recently released from prison and now involved with organized crime, checks into the Snack Bar Budapest where he is instructed to make contact with the up-and-coming local kingpin, a 19-year-old punk-pimp-gangster named Molecola (Italian for “molecule”); a Buffalo-trained politician trying to run out the local shops and turn the town into a giant casino-entertainment complex, with the Snack Bar as the centrepiece. Continue reading

Mauro Bolognini & Tinto Brass & Luigi Comencini – La mia signora aka My wife (1964)

lamiasignora1 Mauro Bolognini & Tinto Brass & Luigi Comencini   La mia signora aka My wife (1964)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Mauro Bolognini & Tinto Brass & Luigi Comencini   La mia signora aka My wife (1964)

Alberto Sordi co-stars with Silvia Mangano in this Dino DeLaurentiis comedy production gang-directed by Tinto Brass, Mauro Bolognini, and Luigi Comenichi. The sketches primarily deal with the endearing battles between husbands and wives, giving Sordi the chance to mug for the camera in the comic fashion that made him famous. ~ Dan Pavlides, All Movie Guide Continue reading

Tinto Brass – Il disco volante aka The Flying Saucer (1964)

resizedildiscovolantea1 Tinto Brass   Il disco volante aka The Flying Saucer (1964)

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A gem! This is one of the last of the great movie comedies. Famous producer Dino De Laurentiis hired Brass to direct Rodolfo Sonego’s satirical political parable, “Il disco volante”, starring Alberto Sordi in four rôles, along with Silvana Mangano and Monica Vitti. Brass’s direction is flawlessly smooth, Sordi is at his most brilliant with his priceless doubletakes, and the film is screamingly funny. But since Brass did not write or edit it, “Il disco volante” is not a true-blue Brass film, though its anti-authoritarianism is certainly congenial to his outlook. The story concerns witnesses to some flying saucers that land in a village near Venice. They spin enough yarns that the police are brought in to arrest the visitors, but plans go awry when the aliens just want to party and when a few villagers start trafficking in Martians. Good movies are impossible to describe. Good comedies are even more impossible to describe. Take my word for it, though, you’ll like it! Continue reading

Tinto Brass – L’Urlo aka The Howl (1970)

tintobrassthehowldvdcov Tinto Brass   LUrlo aka The Howl (1970)

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from imdb user comment:

“2 Eggs; to break, broke, broken”, the only English phrase and theme song spoken in Tinto Brass’ “L’Urlo”. What a film! The only available version of this film I could find had no subtitles. Either way it doesn’t matter since it is very visual. When most people here the name Tinto Brass, right away they think of the horrid sleaze epic “Caligula”, or some might name “Salon Kitty”. If your lucky, you’ll here of some who have seen his fun slapstick sex comedies from Italy like “Miranda” and “All Ladies Do it”. Known mainly for his lighthearted sex romps with curvy women, Tinto Brass’ earliest experimental films were much different. Heres a recipe for a film like “L’Urlo”. Take some Fellini, add some Jodorowsky/Arrabal and a little table spoon of Godard for extra kick, stir and you got yourself “L’Urlo”. One crazy psychedelic, surrealist anti-war art orgy. A bus is lit on fire! Hippies are chased by riot cops. There’s stock footage of Vietnam and other wars with a machine gun showdown! S&M, slapstick sexuality, a man’s pursuit of a beautiful lady… abstract art and nudity galore! Most memorable is a man in a gas mask jumping around with nude people while goose feather’s fill the air! One amazing experimental protest movie! Rebel art at its finest! Continue reading

pixel Tinto Brass   LUrlo aka The Howl (1970)