Serdar Akar – Barda (2007)


A group of teens are having a fun night out at a bar until a gang takes the entire clique hostage. They torture the boys and rape the girls. After that night, nothing is the same anymore and the group has massive difficulties dealing with the situation. This movie is a very realistic expression of the outcomes of social stratification, poverty, and inequality on different parts of the society. In this movie, you are let into the minds of whom many like to refer to as psychopaths and see the world from their eyes. You understand their reasoning, loss of aim and the slow transformation from troubled people to those -after having been made to accept being outsiders- who have lost everything they have and thereof can do anything, regardless of any value and concept associated with humanity such as love, affection, empathy,honor,self-respect. The psychos in the movie hadn’t committed any crime till the story, none was recorded a least. And the crime committed the night of the story was not planned. This alone explains the threshold concept.
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Memduh Ün – Cellat aka The Executioner (1975)


A peaceful architect becomes a one-man vigilante squad after his wife and sister are raped and murdered by street punks. He goes out and randomly exterminates all kinds of criminals on the mean streets after dark.

This obscure Turkish Death Wish version easily rivals the original one in brutality and mayhem. The last surviving print was found in relatively good condition and released on dvd by Onar Films in only 500 copies.

With Serdar Gökhan, Emel Özden, Melek Ayberk, Reha Yurdakul & Oktar Durukan. Continue reading

Ozan Aciktan – Silsile AKA Consequences (2014)


Cenk has just arrived back to Istanbul from the United States. Suppressed love slowly begins to resurface after he encounters Ece, a woman whom he had a romantic relationship with in the past. Suddenly, there is a robbery attempt in a quiet and gloomy house, which results in a crime being committed. Ece flees the scene of the crime and in comes Faruk, Cenk’s best friend and Ece’s fiancé. The two best friends struggle to keep their secrets hidden from one another. Intertwining chain of events follow as these three urban lives are put to the ultimate test; their sufferings and disappointments being exposed to the surface for all to see. Continue reading

Melisa Önel – Kumun Tadi AKA Seaburners (2014)


A harsh wintery scene on the Turkish Black Sea coast. Denise, a foreign botanist, has ended up here for research purposes. She stoically trudges through water knee-deep to get to the remote site where she cultivates her plants. With the same resolve and fearlessness, she also makes her way through the night to the secluded cabin where she meets her lover Hamit. He is a have-not who has only remained in this desolate region following a failed attempt to set up a livelihood abroad. And because of his relationship with Denise. It’s a dilemma, since Hamit cannot let her know that he works as a human trafficker, making a living by helping others flee to Europe. But Denise is tired of his mysterious behaviour. When she is called back to her home country and one of Hamit’s jobs spirals out of control, he makes a decision that ends in catastrophe. Rich in ellipses and pointedly non-linear, Melisa Önel’s poignant debut film leaves much literally in the dark. Its striking, sombre images correspond to a world of little hope or solidarity, in which a state of inner displacement prevails. Continue reading

Erol Mintas – Annemin sarkisi AKA Song of My Mother (2014)


Nigar (Zübeyde Ronahi) is not accustomed to living in the big city of Istanbul and longs to return to her village in Southeastern Turkey from where she was supposedly forced to leave after the incidents of ethnic clashes in 90s. Her son Ali (Feyyaz Duman), on the other hand, has pretty much settled in the city and works ironically as a teacher of Turkish language as a Kurd. Will Nigar be able to convince Ali to take her back to their village? Continue reading