Sinan Cetin – 14 numara (1985)



Yaprak is just one of thousands of young women, who leave their quiet village lives behind them to seek their fortune in Istanbul. But the reality of life in a big city is harsh, and Yaprak is forced to take a job in one of the cities licensed brothels.
Her beauty and youth make her popular with the patrons and she is soon the focus of the attention of two men; Necmi, a spineless but well meaning young man, and Arab, a deranged pimp who has recently lost his main source of income, his wife Zargana. Necmi wants to take Yaprak away from her nightmare existence, but soon finds himself forced to separate from her by the viscous Arab. Arab spends all of Yaprak’s money, but after a savage attack on her, she comes to her senses. She and Necmi get married and as Yaprak says farewell to her friends in the brothel, Arab returns for the last time to seek his brutal revenge…(IMDb) Read More »

Emre Yalgin – Teslimiyet aka Other Angels (2009)


Other Angels narrates the dreams and struggles of four İstanbul transvestites. Sanem is roommates with three other transvestites, and scrapes a living on sex. While she dreams of a hero, she notices Gökhan, who has just moved to the neighbourhood, and manages to attract his attention by childish games, leading to a silent relationship. Due to unexpected events, Sanem takes shelter in Gökhan’s house. And this becomes a journey in which Gökhan questions Sanem’s identity and Sanem questions his trustworthiness. Read More »

Kazim Öz – Bahoz AKA Firtina AKA The Storm (2008)


A film about Kurdish students activism during ’90s in Turkey. After passing his university entrance exam, Cemal (Cahit Gok) a Kurdish boy from Tunceli (Dersim) goes to Istanbul. In time Cemal starts to involve in student activists who are mainly from Kurdish background. Read More »

Isil Özgentürk – Seni seviyorum Rosa AKA Rosa, I Love You (1992)


The first film of Turkish female novelist and screenwriter Isil Özgentürk is based on a highly praised novel, Tanta Rosa by another woman writer, Sevgi Soysal. The heroine comes from a non-Muslim family in the days when Istanbul used to be a melting pot of diverse cultures and religions. We follow Rosa from her childhood in her well-to-do family until her old age, her life changing with the destiny of Istanbul, which serves as a background to this story of life, love and disillusionment. Özgentürk lets the story unfold like a tale from the Arabian Nights, not forgetting to pass along a message or two for female audiences. The film received the Special Jury Prize of the Istanbul Film Festival in 1992 and travelled to major international film festivals. (~ Gönül Dönmez-Colin, All Movie Guide) Read More »

Tunç Okan – Fikrimin Ince Gülü AKA Mercedes mon amour (1992)


The Yellow Mercedes
A black comedy about the misadventures of a Turkish Gastarbeiter (guest worker) who returns to his village with the Mercedes Benz he buys with his hard-earned money.
Bayram comes to Germany from Turkey to work. He saves money and manages to buy a Mercedes. He tries to go to his home town by driving the Mercedes. On his way back, he faces various troubles. The film comically depicts a man who is obsessive about his Mercedes. Read More »

Ali Özgentürk – Mektup AKA The Letter (1997)


Ragip is a nuclear engineer who settled in the US with his mother when he was very young. After many years, he comes to Turkey to search for his father, which helps him to discover his country, but he would always remain a tourist. In the meanwhile, he begins an affair with her guide, who is a rock singer. Read More »

Dervis Zaim – Gölgeler ve suretler AKA Shadows And Faces (2010)


Turkish Cypriot filmmaker Derviş Zaim’s most recent directorial effort, “Gölgeler ve Suretler” (Shadows and Faces) in which he tackles the inter-communal violence his homeland experienced in the 1960s, through the story of a father and daughter.

Shadow and Faces is the coming-of-age story of a young girl who is separated from her father, a Karagöz shadow play master, during the beginning of the conflict between Turks and Greeks in Cyprus in 1963. With a backdrop of extraordinary natural beauty, the experiences of the villagers fleeing from their village in the Island’s Karpas region to the relatively secure but alienating city sheds light on the story of Cyprus. Read More »