Reha Erdem – Kosmos (2010)


Kosmos is a thief who works miracles. He arrives in this timeless border town from the wilds weeping, as though a fugitive. No sooner is he there than he rescues a small boy from drowning in the river, and is recognized as a man who works miracles.

Kosmos, is a rather uncommon person. He never appears to eat nor sleep. His single form of nourishment is the granulated or lump sugar he consumes by the fistful. One of his more striking skills is the ability to scale the tallest trees with uncommon agility. He is also frank in declaring his wish that startles the townspeople: He is looking for love. Soon Kosmos and Neptun, the teenager sister of the rescued boy, grow closer in the most bizarre of ways: imitating the screech of birds in trees and on rooftops. Read More »

    Semih Kaplanoglu – Süt AKA Milk (2008)



    A high school graduate, Yusuf could not pass the university entrance exam. Writing poetry is his greatest passion and some of his poems are being printed in various obscure literary journals. But neither these poems, nor the rapidly falling price of the milk they sell, are being of any benefit to Yusuf and Zehra’s lives. When Yusuf finds out about Zehra’s secret affair with the town’s stationmaster he gets disconcerted. Will he find the way to cope with his anxiety for the unknown future, the rapid change that he is going through and the pain of taking a step into adulthood and leaving his youth behind? (IMDb) Read More »

      T. Fikret Uçak – 3 dev adam AKA Captain America and Santo vs. Spider-Man (1973)



      You know you’re in Turkey when, before the opening credits, Spider-Man buries a saucy wench in the sand at the beach, then has his henchmen back a boat propellor into her face! No, friends, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man just ain’t that friendly anymore. Instead, he’s a psychotic mob boss. And when there’s a psychotic mob boss that needs taking down in Turkey, there’s only one man to call—Captain America.

      You might remember actor Aytekin Akkaya from Turkish Star Wars. Here he rises to the spotlight as the heroic lead. In a heart-wrenching performance, Akkaya conveys with an unnerving subtlety the true spirit of a Captain America who is both Turkish and lacking in shield. While the sinister Spider-Man is busy strangling women to death in the shower and putting rats down tubes to eat his captives’ faces off, Captain Turkish America recruits Mexico’s national superhero, Santo, to aid him in his quest to rid Turkey of the webbed menace once and for all. Santo’s a gimp-masked superhero who’s also a wrestler. You almost wish Spidey had a mask like that though, so you wouldn’t have to see his truly Turkish eyebrows. Read More »

        Zeki Ökten & Şerif Gören – Kurbagalar aka The Frogs (1985)


        The women who called Elmas is earning her life with picking tomatoes, pepper and frog, she was widowed when her husband killed. Elmas survives with her child. She has to work for Bank and Cooperative debit. Also teenagers in the village are disturb her. But she likes Ali who gets his freedom from the prison for 7 years, also Ali likes her too, and he wants to marry with her. But Ali get dislike her after their sex relation for one day. Written by [email protected] Read More »

          Jules Dassin – Topkapi (1964)



          David Cornelius wrote:
          “Nine years after helping define the heist movie with the 1955 masterpiece “Rififi,” director Jules Dassin took another go at the genre, this time with a comedy. “Topkapi” is a lighter, breezier affair than Dassin’s earlier picture, but it’s in no way weaker or less memorable. In fact, it’s this movie that served as the inspiration for the classic TV series “Mission: Impossible,” and yes, it’s this film’s most memorable sequence that was, um, “borrowed” for the most memorable sequence of the 1996 “Impossible” movie. Read More »

            Aytaç Agirlar – Incir Reçeli (2011)

            Metin dreams of becoming a script writer. But no one is interested in his works. When he one evening returns frustrated from a bar, where yet again another on of his scripts was rejected, he meets Duygu. He takes the drunk woman who can barely stand on her legs, to his home where she can stay for the night. Read More »

              Yilmaz Güney – Umut AKA Hope (1970)


              Plot Synopsis from AllMovie
              In this bleak tragedy, a crude and illiterate man who drives a horse-drawn taxi survives his meager existence by hoping each day that this will be the day he wins the lottery. One day his coach is hit by a car, killing one of his two horses and damaging the buggy. Because the automobile driver has social standing, the traffic judge rules in favor of the automobile driver, and does not give the poor man any damages. Creditors soon remove everything from his house except the remaining horse and damaged buggy. Despairing, he strikes out at his family and anyone weaker than he is. Eventually, he joins a wandering “holy man” on a quest for desert gold, and goes mad in the process. Read More »