Yilmaz Atadeniz – Kilink Istanbul’da AKA Killing in Istanbul (1967)


This is a rare little gem from Turkey. The quality (and production values) leave a bit to be desired, but it more than makes up for it in entertainment! I have NEVER seen a movie quite like this, and in fact, at times I’m not quite sure if it’s meant to be taken serious or tongue in cheek.

Presumably, in a previous film/episode (that from what I’ve been able to determine, doesn’t even exist!), Kilink was killed by his former partner, a doctor, once they discovered some mysterious formula to make the most powerful bombs ever. Now Kilink wants revenge, and to then take over the world! Read More »

Ümit Ünal – Nar (2011)


From divimag.co.uk:
A harmless looking middle aged fortune teller (Serra Yılmaz ) arrives at the swanky apartment of bohemian actress Deniz (İrem Altuğ) who lives with her lesbian lover Dr Sema (İdil Fırat). Over a cup of homemade Turkish coffee the fortune teller turns out to be a vengeful grandmother who is seeking justice for the death of her granddaughter. She believes her death occured through the neglect of Dr Sema and a cover up by the hospital prevented a proper investigation. She drugs the actress and when the caretaker (Erdem Akakçe) comes to her rescue and her partner arrives home from her shift they all end up as prisoners at gunpoint. Read More »

Umit Unal – Dokuz AKA Nine (2002)


Scene: A poor neighborhood of Istanbul. A beautiful, young, homeless girl is killed in a brutal and gory murder. Nobody knows where she comes from, although there are many rumors. Six people from the neighborhood are interrogated by the police and the secret history of the neighborhood is thus revealed. 9 is a story about everyday fascism in the lives of ordinary people.

The movie centers entirely around the interrogation of 6 people about the murder of a homeless girl relatively new to their Istanbul neighborhood. The stories told by each of the characters about their community, neighbors and the murder start out innocently, but bit by bit the oniony layers of the rotten story start to be peeled away revealing that nothing is as rosy as the neighbors would like to believe. Clever editing of the ever changing versions of stories by the different characters provides an often humorous, quick paced, entertaining film that in the end leaves you questioning where the facade ends and the truth really begins.
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Tolga Örnek – Kaybedenler Kulübü AKA The Losers’ Club (2011)

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‘The Losers’ Club’ brings shock jocks of 1990s’ Istanbul back to life.

In his second feature, director and writer Tolga Örnek brings to screen one of the most controversial radio shows of the 1990s and its two bad-boy hosts. ‘Kaybedenler Kulübü’ stars Nejat İşler and Yiğit Özşener as the real-life radio personalities who shot to short-lived fame with their conversations on sex, rock’n’roll, loneliness, and nothing at all. Read More »

Seyfi Teoman – Tatil kitabi AKA Summer Book (2008)


Mustafa (Osman Inan) is a hard-working and ambitious agricultural merchant who is cold and austere towards his family. One day he has a brain hemorrhage on a business trip and goes into a coma after the operation. Guler (Ayten Tokun) is suspicious of her husband having an affair. Veysel (Harun Ozuag), their teenage son, wants to leave the military academy and study business administration. Ali (Tayfun Gunay), their 10-year-old son, has to cope both with his bully classmate and the chewing gums he has to sell. Hasan (Taner Birsel), Mustafa’s younger brother, chose to live a life in solitude after getting a divorce, and has always been an outsider to the family. But now, with his brother in coma, he finds himself involved in family affairs. Hasan has to solve the mystery about Mustafa’s mistress and the money lost during his trip. (IMDb) Read More »

Isaac Isitan – 2 Eylül Direnisi aka La Résistance du 2 Septembre (1977)


A slightly altered google translation of a summary:


Here is the struggle for the border of the city. There are those who decide who is in and who stays out. Here it is in 1977, they reppress solidarity, they repress movement of those who come together to be just human. Land speculators according to the Government.

Land speculators: workers came to build shacks on the outskirts of Istanbul. No space, no place where the city does not want you: Panzers and military. In front, stone and stick and the momentum stemming from survival. The film was shot and edited in a short time, to be released immediately and support the struggle of the landless. Read More »

Miraz Bezar – Min Dit: The Children of Diyarbakir AKA Before Your Eyes (2009)


An extraordinary performance by a 10-year-old girl anchors “The Children of Diyarbakir,” the debut feature of Miraz Bezar. Set in the predominantly Kurdish city of Diyarbakir, Turkey, the pic takes a straightforward, non-sensationalized approach to the tragic story of a brother and sister orphaned when their parents are assassinated by a secret-services paramilitary officer. Though it shows its first-feature origins, the film has moments, especially toward the end, that so transcend the material as to make the journey doubly worthwhile. A healthy fest life is assured, while Euro arthouse play isn’t out of the question.
Though less inspired, the early scenes do the necessary work of introducing characters and establishing a mood: Gulistan (Senay Orak) and her younger brother, Firat (Muhammed Al), have a normal childhood with their mom (Fahriye Celik) and dad (Alisan Onlu) and new baby brother. Dad is a Kurdish journalist; on their way back from a wedding, the family is stopped by three gunmen, who shoot the parents dead in front of the kids. The brief scene is all the more powerful because Bezar downplays any excess in either the lensing or editing. Read More »