Wolfgang Glück – Der Schüler Gerber AKA Student Gerber (1981)

Kurt Gerber, an intelligent high school student is in his senior year. He is burdend with personal and scholastic problems. Since his weak subject is math, Professor Kupfer who teaches his course and is also his class teacher, uses every occasion to humiliate the bright and self-assured boy. Even though the odds are against him, Kurt fights back and his struggle with the sadistic teacher develops into a matter of life and death. A faithful version of the best-seller novel by Friedrich Torberg which was published in 1930. Read More »

Andy De Emmony – Whistle and I’ll Come to You (2010)

A chilling new single drama, Whistle and I’ll Come to You is the thoroughly modern re-working of the evocative Edwardian ghost story Oh, Whistle and I’ll come to You, My Lad by MR James, adapted for BBC Two by Neil Cross. Cross’s adaptation delves into themes of ageing, hubris and the supernatural, with a horrifying psychological twist in the tale. Read More »

Harun Farocki – Sauerbruch Hutton Architekten (2013)

Farocki’s latest documentary catches the creative process at work at Berlin-based architectue firm Sauerbruch Hutton. Read More »

Shôhei Imamura – Mikikan-hei o otte: Marei-hen AKA In Search of the Unreturned Soldiers in Malaysia (1970)


In Malaysia, Imamura follows one false lead after another as he tries to locate unreturned Japanese who had given up the culture of their birth to integrate with Malaysian society. These wrong turns take the filmmaker on a tour through the complexities of post-war Malaysia, and allow him the time to air his outrage with the Japanese military’s conduct in Southeast Asia, focusing particularly on the 1942 Sook Ching massacre. Read More »

Alex Segal – Death of a Salesman (1966)

An abridged award-winning television adaptation of a famous play about an aging travelling salesman who’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown. His job is gone, and his family hates him for never being there. He tries mending things with them. Read More »

Julian Jarrold – Crime and Punishment (2002)

This acclaimed BBC adaptation of Crime and Punishment remains faithful to Fyodor Dostoevsky’s classic novel. Set in St Petersburg in the second half of the 19th century, the psychological thriller tells of a desperate young murderer caught in a web of his own guilt. Rodya Raskolnikov is a poverty-stricken student living among the fetid alleyways and crumbling tenements of St Petersburg. Intense and highly intelligent, Raskolnikov believes he is among a class of men destined for greatness and as such is permitted to breach ‘normal’ moral values. He decides to test his courage and integrity by killing a pawnbroker, a mean old woman whom he is sure nobody will miss. The murder, however, only serves to draw Raskolnikov into a nightmare world in which he is dogged by guilt, paranoia and alienation. Faced with the wily investigator Porfiry, who sets up a complex series of traps, encounters and conversations, can Raskolnikov escape his own conscience or the seemingly inevitable punishment? Read More »

John Woods – Sex, Chips & Rock n’ Roll (1999)

Synopsis –
It’s 1965. Times are changing! But the swinging sixties haven’t quite hit the Brookes household. Non-identical twin sisters Ellie and Arden Brookes seem destined to play out their lives behind a chip shop counter in a dreary Manchester backwater. Torn between the old narrow life of their childhood and the thrilling “anything goes” atmosphere of sixties rock and roll, the sisters find themselves faced with a heady mixture of new opportunities, optimism and romance. Their journey towards liberation is set against an exhilarating soundtrack of sixties music to echo the spirit of the era. Read More »