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Woody Allen – Scoop (2006)


IMDB’s Plot Summary: A student journalist, for a college paper, visiting friends in contemporary London happens upon the scoop of a lifetime. Along the investigative trail, she finds magic, murder, mystery – and perhaps love, with a British aristocrat. Read More »

Woody Allen – Woody Allen (1965)


This is probably the best film footage available of Woody’s stand-up routine, including the infamous “Moose” bit. The image quality isn’t great but it’s watchable, and the audio is fine. Here’s a description from TV Party:

‘WOODY ALLEN’ (February 17, 1965, GRANADA)
In this rarely seen half-hour taped for British TV, Woody is able to deliver his night club act without the restraints of American censors. Appearing on a bare stage in front of an appreciative audience, Woody performs many of his classic stories. Read More »

Herbert Mason – Back-Room Boy (1942)

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Plot Synopsis from BritMovie

Bored BBC backroom boy Arthur Pilbeam (Arthur Askey) transmits timekeeping ‘pips’ over the radio in Morse code, and finds himself banished to Scotland to set up a new weather station at an Orkney island lighthouse. To his delight a boatload of models are shipwrecked – then the girls start to vanish one by one. Nazi spies are behind it, but Arthur gets the better of them, also posing as a mermaid to lure an enemy battleship into a minefield. Another flag-waving wartime comedy with a plot not dissimilar to Will Hay’s The Ghost of St Michael’s or Oh, Mr Porter! The similarity is further enhanced by the presence of regular Hay sidekicks Graham Moffatt and Moore Marriott. Read More »

Dominic Savage – Love + Hate (2005)


A white boy falls in love with a Muslim girl in a northern town with a history of racial conflict.

Love & Hate is a modern love story set across the racial divide in a Northern town. Adam has been brought up in a home and community that fosters racial hatred. Naseema is a girl from the same town, belonging to a new generation of Asian youth who have taken up the violence offered to them as a way of reclaiming the past. But what Adam and Naseema really share is a secret desire to break free of their small town and its inhibitions, something they discover while working together in a DIY store. At first resistant, they cannot avoid their mutual attraction, and embark on a relationship which threatens to bring down their families as well as themselves. Read More »

Grant Gee – Patience (After Sebald) (2012)


Patience (After Sebald) is a multi-layered film essay on landscape, art, history, life and loss by the acclaimed documentary film-maker Grant Gee. It is an exploration of the work and influence of German writer WG Sebald (1944 – 2001), told via a long walk through coastal East Anglia tracking his most famous book The Rings of Saturn. The book mixed history, travelogue, memoir, meditation, fiction and images to explore the personal, public and often overlooked histories of Suffolk.

Sebald has profoundly influenced some of today’s leading writers, thinkers and artists. Some of these – interviewed for the film include Adam Philips, Robert Macfarlane, Rick Moody and Tacita Dean. Read More »

Various-The Joy of Sex Education: 1917-1973 (2009)


From the impenetrably euphemistic to the breathtakingly explicit, this intriguing anthology takes us through 60 yearsof sex education in Britain from the 1910s to the 1970s.All ‘unmentionable matters’ pertaining to sex are dealt with, from the WW1 warning to soldiers about the dangers of cavorting with loose women in London’s West End, Whatsoever a Man Soweth (1917), to puberty pep-talks for girls on how to avoid pregnancy in Don’t Be Like Brenda (1973). Read More »

Derek Jarman – Blue (1993)

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A year before director Derek Jarman succumbed fully to AIDS, he made his last film. In Blue, the color blue is all there is to see as Jarman tries to bring the audience into his vision-impaired world. Jarman offers his insights on life, love, disease, the meaning of art, and the symbology of the color blue over a blue screen. Actors, including Tilda Swinton and John Quentin, also read from Jarman’s journals and poetry.
-AMG Review Read More »